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Scottie Nell Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is a respected journalist, author, and anchor of RT America's weeknight newscasts. In her previous role as an exclusive contributor for CNN during the network's highly-rated 2016 election coverage, Hughes' unique brand of fearless, unapologetic opinion made her a buzz-worthy viewer favorite.

Hughes launched her television career with frequent must-see appearances on CNN's top-rated Piers Morgan Tonight. She parlayed that early success into nightly guest contributor hits on Fox Business Network, which opened the door to appearances on CBS News and numerous political and business shows, including RT America's Evening News with Ed Schultz, Anderson Cooper's AC360, Fox & Friends, CNN's New Day with Chris Cuomo, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Varney & Co, and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – just to name a few.

Over the years, Hughes' insightful, focused and sometimes controversial appearances at the Republican and Democratic national conventions earned widespread praise, including the Nashville Air Award in 2005. The Department of Defense selected Hughes to be in the first group of journalists to report from the frontlines of Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq, Kuwait, and the detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Roar established Hughes as a best-selling author when it reached #1 on Amazon's female political book list. Hughes has been profiled in GQ, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Glamour, New York Magazine, Radar Online, The Daily Mail, and a viral Saturday Night Live satirical sketch.

Formerly the news director of the TPNN.com, which she launched in 2012, Hughes is also a former Politichick faculty member of the Leadership Institute, political editor for RightAlerts.com, host of E-Alerts Daily News Briefs, and a columnist for Western Journalism.

A magna cum laude graduate from the University of Tennessee with a double major in broadcast communications and political science, Hughes is based in Washington DC and Nashville, where she is the proud mother of two and the dedicated wife of Chris Hughes.