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Steven Spielberg, one of Hollywood’s best-known film directors, has been enlisted to assist US President Joe Biden with his reelection campaign, NBC reported on Friday.

Spielberg, a long-time supporter of Biden, is reportedly providing strategy for the Democratic National Convention, scheduled to take place August 19-22 in Chicago. He has been meeting event organizers, who expect more than 5,000 delegates from 50 states to offically select the Democratic Party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees, according to the outlet.

The filmmaker is offering his insights on how best to “convey the president’s successes and his vision for the country” to delegates and viewers as Biden, who is expected to be rubber-stamped as the Democrat candidate, prepares to face former President Donald Trump in a November rematch.

“Steven wants to be as helpful as possible to the president,” a well-placed source told Deadline. “He believes this is one of the most important elections in the nation’s history.”

Spielberg has proven to be a dedicated donor to the Biden-Harris ticket. He appeared at a mega-fundraiser in December last year, which was hosted by his friend and former DreamWorks business partner Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is also a co-chair of Biden’s campaign.

The famed director, however, has no plans to produce a movie of the August event as he did for John Kerry’s and Barack Obama’s nominations, the NBC source said.

The publication added that Biden’s campaign is in separate negotiations with former President Obama about appearing at a Los Angeles fundraiser in mid-June, which would reportedly feature George Clooney and Katzenberg as hosts. A previous star-studded event in New York City last month, which was attended by Obama and former President Bill Clinton, raised more than $25 million in one night.

Biden currently trails his Republican rival, according to a national poll released by CNN on Sunday. Trump’s support stands at 49%, while Biden is at 43%, a two-point drop since January.