LIVE Protesters gather in London to demand 2nd Brexit referendum
QQE party is out of punch (E1295)
Keiser ReportQQE party is out of punch (E1295)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the QE party ending as ‘Qualitative and Quantitative Easing’ dries up in even Japan, despite their claims to the contrary. What will happen to interest rates and the global debt...

Pedal to the metal: The Uber bond sale
Boom BustPedal to the metal: The Uber bond sale

Uber is issuing a bond sale just ahead of a rumored big IPO for next year; Lauren Fix the Car Coach is back to make sense of this and more! Daniel Brito joins us once again as we examine the ongoing situation in Venezuela. And we’re hitting...

Search for justice
CrossTalkSearch for justice

The gruesome plot thickens. There are reports that the Saudis will now admit Jamal Khashoggi died in their custody after an interrogation that went wrong. Turkish media claim they have evidence of murder. Nonetheless, Trump declares that he is...

The impact of historical trauma on Native Americans & Redacted Tonight (E828)
Watching the HawksThe impact of historical trauma on Native Americans & Redacted Tonight (E828)

In Minneapolis, a large tent city has formed with hundreds of homeless Native Americans living together in community and strength. A special preview of The News With Rick Sanchez. And a hilarious preview of this week’s episode of Redacted...

Black lives: Liberty Maze
DocumentaryBlack lives: Liberty Maze

In the biggest US cities, sprawling tent cities where the homeless concentrate exist against the backdrop of shopping areas and celebrity estates. Thousands of Americans have no place to sleep, and many more teeter on the edge of homelessness....