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LIVE Aftermath of Sri Lanka church & hotel blasts
Will interest rates ever rise again? (E1373)
Keiser ReportWill interest rates ever rise again? (E1373)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the proclamation made by Donald Trump’s economic adviser that “interest rates will never rise again.” Does this mean that the real economy is dead forever and that all...

Neutered for neutrality? Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand
Worlds ApartNeutered for neutrality? Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand

There’s a lot of talk about reform and leadership at the United Nations’ podium and a lot of working against it in the UN corridors. And it’s not simply sabotage – member states have always guarded against the system being...

Bitcoin: the Genesis (E1)
To The MoonBitcoin: the Genesis (E1)

In the genesis episode of TO THE MOON, Max and Stacy ask: “What is bitcoin? What was the actual beginning? Was it the genesis block on January 3, 2009? Or the Bitcoin White Paper published on October 31, 2008? Or were the seeds first planted...

Russiagate & Mueller report w/ Aaron Mate
On contactRussiagate & Mueller report w/ Aaron Mate

On this week’s show, Chris Hedges discusses with Nation reporter, Aaron Mate, how conspiracy theories in the national mainstream media show little sign of diminishing despite Robert Mueller’s categorical statement that Donald Trump and...

CrossTalk on Russiagate: ‘Game over’
CrossTalkCrossTalk on Russiagate: ‘Game over’

Is it finally over? Have we finally reached the expiration date of the Russiagate conspiracy hoax? Probably not. By definition, conspiracy theorists are never satisfied. But a few things are for sure: confidence in government has taken a hit, and...