LIVE Theresa May’s PMQs after Brexit deal defeat
Leaving Syria?
CrossTalkLeaving Syria?

President Donald Trump has repeatedly said the US will withdraw from Syria. It would seem he is the only one in his administration backing this move. Is Trump in charge of his own foreign policy? Are John Bolton and Mike Pompeo actually running the...

Beware of political cults & Theresa May’s #Brexit failures  (E880)
Watching the HawksBeware of political cults & Theresa May’s #Brexit failures (E880)

May sustains an embarrassing blow to her latest Brexit attempt. A Saudi Arabian flag is removed from Ground Zero. Author Lisa Kohn joins us to discuss the dangers of political cults. And a new treatment could be a helpful tool in fighting cancer....

Brexit breaks the UK’s back
Boom BustBrexit breaks the UK’s back

Theresa May’s Brexit vote has failed on the floor with a resounding defeat. Hilary Fordwich gives us a breakdown of a situation that has come under intense scrutiny. With sanctions on the horizon, could cryptocurrency give Russia a fighting...

The best performing government shutdown ever! (E1332)
Keiser ReportThe best performing government shutdown ever! (E1332)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy note that the S&P 500 is up 7%, the best shutdown performance ever. Donald Trump should be proud of himself! They also look at a ‘rent stabilization’ proposal from Democrats in...

US veterans: Not forgotten
DocumentaryUS veterans: Not forgotten

They joined the army driven by a desire to serve their country and its people. However, the wars they were sent to made them re-evaluate everything they believed in. Now, US veterans are trying to come to terms with their past and learn how to live...