LIVEAftermath of terrorist attack in Barcelona


  • Will Trump survive?
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    Will Trump survive?
    It is probably fair to say no American president is more controversial than Donald Trump. With so many powerful forces arrayed against him, can he succeed? Even stay in office? We will see. However, legitimizing the destructive means employed...
  • Episode 1111
    Keiser Report
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    Episode 1111
    Up for discussion in this episode is ‘the silver lining’ of the shocking increase in US mortality rates - reduced pension costs for corporations, increased profits for shareholders. At least this is the upside, according to the financial...
  • Battle for Marawi
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    Battle for Marawi
    Losing its strongholds in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has made a pivot to Asia, opening up a new battleground. In the predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines, two local radical Islamic groups pledged alliance to ISIS and captured the city of Marawi. Now...

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The most efficient way to counter terrorism in Europe is: