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USD regime change? (E1296)
Keiser ReportUSD regime change? (E1296)

Max and Stacy discuss the mainstream financial press asking whether or not it is time for regime change for the US Dollar as reserve currency. But, as aircraft carriers and Paul Krugman’s ‘men with guns’ back the fiat currency, who...

Bullhorns: KSA & MBS
CrossTalkBullhorns: KSA & MBS

It is now official – Jamal Khashoggi died in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey on October 2. The person or persons responsible for his death is yet to be determined. But one thing is certain – this tragic story is far from over. CrossTalking...

Chemical warfare against Native Americans & easing North Korean peace talks (E829)
Watching the HawksChemical warfare against Native Americans & easing North Korean peace talks (E829)

The Trump administration confirms the US will withdraw from the INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia. Tabetha Wallace discusses modern chemical warfare against Native Americans. Author and activist Derek Ford joins the show to discuss the US...

Analyzing American unilateralism
Boom BustAnalyzing American unilateralism

The US is signaling participation in a treaty aimed at keeping down nuclear arms; Igor Zhdanov, Steve Malzberg, and Hilary Fordwich breakdown what seems to be another wave of American unilateral decision making. Sayeh Tavangar breaks down the latest...

Mi-28 UB: Combat, training, one-of-a-kind helicopter
DocumentaryMi-28 UB: Combat, training, one-of-a-kind helicopter

The Mi-28UB is a flying fortress boasting incredible maneuverability and unique new features. It’s an improved version of the battle-tested Mi-28N Night Hunter ground-attack helicopter, which is now operational for both training and combat...