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Please be aware that the schedule can change. We are a 24/7 global news agency and the news dictates the schedule, not vice-versa.

  • RT News - June 24 2022 (20:00 MSK)
    RT News - June 24 2022 (20:00 MSK)
    Russia claims some two-thousand Ukrainian soldiers, including neo-Nazi formations and foreign mercenaries, have been encircled just 20 kilometers from the heavily-embattled city of Severodonetsk. As fierce fighting comes to a head in Severodonetsk...
  • RT News - June 24 2022 (09:00 MSK)
    RT News - June 24 2022 (09:00 MSK)
    As fierce battles come to a head in Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, RT visits a nearby town taken by Russian forces just days ago. As the second day of the 14th BRICS summit is about to kick off, the leaders of the five nations stress the need for...
  • CrossTalk: An absence of trust
    CrossTalk: An absence of trust
    Any meaningful relationship is based on the following: trust. This is what's absent in Russia’s relationship with the West. Essentially, Moscow does not deem Western leaders to be good-faith actors. This is the lesson learned since the end of...
  • RT News - June 23 2022 (20:00 MSK)
    RT News - June 23 2022 (20:00 MSK)
    RT reports from the Donbass city of Donetsk, and speaks to emergency services working tirelessly, as the city's shelled by Ukrainian forces on a daily basis. That's the message from the Chinese president as an online summit of the BRICS grouping...