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  • RT News - May 04, 2016 (17:00 MSK)
    RT News - May 04, 2016 (17:00 MSK)
    The European Commission gives the green light to visa-free travel for Turks, despite Ankara failing to meet several key conditions in the recent migrant deal. A financial penalty scheme for EU countries who deny asylum to refugees is...
  • © Francois Lenoir
    The deadly divide between rich and poor, and NATO’s failed war in Afghanistan (E337)
    We speak to Katherine Round, director of the new film "The Divide," about the ever growing neoliberal chasm of inequality. We investigate why ordinary Afghans believe NATO has only ever been interested in destroying their country, with Nasir...
  • RT News - May 4, 2016 (12:00 MSK)
    RT News - May 4, 2016 (12:00 MSK)
    The UN calls an emergency meeting following another deadly attack on a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo. While Russia says a ceasefire could be brokered within hours. Trump takes another big step towards the White house after Republican rival...
  • U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. © Jim Young
    How trade could take down Hillary (If She Wins the Nomination)
    Tonight’s Politics Panel discusses the Indiana primary results, how the DNC chair doesn’t want independents to vote in Democratic primaries, and how the world’s oceans are rapidly losing oxygen. Thom discusses the history and...