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28 Apr, 2024 18:08

US voters warming up to Trump – CNN poll

The former president has widened his lead over incumbent Joe Biden, and is viewed more favorably than when he left office
US voters warming up to Trump – CNN poll

Americans appear to be looking more positively at former US President Donald Trump as this year’s election draws closer, increasingly favoring him over incumbent Joe Biden and viewing his term in office as a success, a new CNN poll has shown.

The poll released on Sunday found that US voters favor Trump by a 49%-43% margin in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup with Biden. That compares with the Republican’s 49%-45% over the incumbent Democrat in January.

Trump has a wider lead when the full field of contenders is included, as will be the case when voters go to the polls in November, the survey showed. He has a 42%-33% margin over Biden, followed by 15% for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The remaining 10% support third-party candidates or are undecided.

Two-thirds of US voters do not understand how anyone could support Biden, while 52% say there is no chance they would vote for the incumbent under any circumstance. By comparison, 63% of respondents cannot see how anyone could support Trump, and 47% say there is no chance they would vote for him.

Only 47% of voters are satisfied with the candidates they have to choose from, including 44% of Democrats and 63% of Republicans, CNN said. Biden is viewed negatively by 58% of voters, while 53% have a negative opinion of Trump. Only 65% of respondents believe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election, unchanged from when the same question was asked after the January 2021 US Capitol riot.

Opinions of Trump’s term as president have improved since he left office. Looking back on his performance, 55% of Americans believe Trump’s presidency was a “success,” up from 45% when voters were polled after the riot. By comparison, 39% of respondents believe Biden’s term has been a success, the survey showed.

Similarly, six in ten Americans disapprove of Biden’s performance as president. He gets low marks for his handling of several issues of top concern for voters, including 66% disapproval on the economy, 71% disapproval on inflation and 71% disapproval on the Israel-Hamas war. Only about four in ten Americans believe the US “has a responsibility” to be involved in Middle East conflicts.

Trump has accused Biden and the incumbent’s allies of trying to derail his candidacy through the court system. The ex-president faces 91 criminal charges in four separate indictments. A CNN poll released on Thursday showed that just 13% of Americans believe Trump is being treated the same as other criminal defendants. Only 44% are confident that the jury chosen in the first Trump case that has gone to trial – now underway in New York City – will deliver a fair verdict.