‘Football’s coming home? You have to focus!’ Pundits go head-to-head in hilarious debate (VIDEO)

11 Jul, 2018 23:40
‘Football’s coming home? You have to focus!’ Pundits go head-to-head in hilarious debate (VIDEO)
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Roy Keane (L), Ian Wright (R). © Steven Paston / Michael Regan / Reuters

Football pundits and former international players Roy Keane and Ian Wright went head-to-head in an amusing live on-air debate, after England’s exit to Croatia in the World Cup semi-final.

Two fiery players during their own playing days as prominent figures of arch rivals Manchester United (Keane) and Arsenal (Wright) in the 1990s, the duo seem to have carried on their rivalry into the TV studio in what social media users have dubbed “one of the TV moments of the year”.

Ever the stony-faced pragmatist, the Irishman and former United captain Keane accused ex-England striker Wright of getting caught losing focus on the immediate games of the World Cup.

“The whole yesterday and today they were talking about the final the final the final,” Keane began. “And I know Ian made the point a few weeks ago a little bit tongue in cheek. But you have to focus on just one game.”

England had been gripped by World Cup fever following the team’s march to the semi-final stage, with popular English terrace chant ‘Football’s coming home’ making a revival among fans.

Keane continued: “Everyone’s talking about the final and football’s coming home,” before Wright interjected with his own verbal volley.

“We weren’t talking about the final. We were just having a laugh with you,” Wright said in his famous London accent. “The things is we were just trying to like...we were happy and you weren’t happy for us being happy at that time.”

Wright then launched into his own impression of Keane saying “final” after being egged on by Gary Neville, who was seated between the two, but Keane was adamant Wright was getting carried away with talk of parades and final day celebrations.

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As the two continued bickering, Keane again accused Wright of not appreciating the importance of the competition, to which Wright simply retorted “FINAL!” in his mock Keane accent, to make sure he had, literally, the last word.