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‘Clinton lost as incompetent candidate, but Trump tweets breathe life into Russia collusion claims’
‘Clinton lost as incompetent candidate, but Trump tweets breathe life into Russia collusion claims’
Donald Trump must move on from the Mueller investigation, as he is merely fueling it by tweeting and making it part of the continuing narrative that Russia had an outsized impact on the election, analysts told RT.


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34th day of Turkey’s operation in Syria’s Afrin Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the suburbs of Damascus as the Syrian army battles jihadist insurgents. Turkey is still conducting operations in the northern Afrin district....
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Debate: How can we protect our schools and young people?The Florida shooting took place in Broward County, one of the most politically active counties in America. Now that activism is seeking answers to prevent future bloodshed. For more, RT...
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Intra-Korean talks are: