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US ‘disinvites’ China from Pacific Rim 2018 naval exercises over ‘militarization’
US ‘disinvites’ China from Pacific Rim 2018 naval exercises over ‘militarization’
The US has revoked the Chinese navy’s invitation to participate in the RIMPAC 2018 naval drills, citing Beijing’s militarization of disputed islands in the South China Sea. The two countries vie for influence in the region.


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RT America - May 22, 2018
The Trump-Kim summit ‘may not work out’ US president Donald Trump announced his June 12 summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un may be delayed after “change of attitude” from Pyongyang. Democratic strategist Robin Biro and...
RT America - May 21, 2018
Investigating the Investigators: Trump vs. the intelligence community Tensions continue to flare between President Trump and intelligence figures following the revelation of FBI infiltration of the Trump campaign. The Department of Justice is now...
RT America - May 18, 2018
UN to Investigate Israel over Gaza Massacre The UN Human Rights Council has voted to investigate Israel for possible war crimes following another week of deadly violence at the Gaza border that has seen Israel’s IDF deploy snipers on...
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With US-European relations at a historic low after Trump pulled out of the Iran deal – what next?