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Aug 6, 2020 03:44
‘You’re breaking the law!’ LA mayor vows to CUT WATER & POWER to homes that host ‘large parties’
‘You’re breaking the law!’ LA mayor vows to CUT WATER & POWER to homes that host ‘large parties’
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has warned that residents hosting large home gatherings can expect their water and power utilities to be cut, a sharp escalation of the city’s strict Covid-19 measures amid a series of recent house parties.


  • Trump can’t suspend elections & ProPublica publishes NYPD discipline record
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    Trump can’t suspend elections & ProPublica publishes NYPD discipline record
    Unemployment benefits expire for over 30 million Americans as Senate breaks for the weekend. No, the president cannot delay or suspend the elections. And Homeland Security seized over $2 billion in cash from travelers at US airports. 'Like' us on...
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    What would Jesse do?
    What would Jesse do? Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura gives his take on how the US is handling the coronavirus pandemic alongside fiery police protests, as well as what to expect in November from an electorate accustomed to second-guessing...

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Beirut explosion: Missile strike, negligence, or sabotage? (Full show)
A cataclysmic explosion in Beirut caused tremendous devastation on Tuesday, killing at least 100 people and injuring thousands. The source has been traced to a tremendous stockpile of ammonium nitrate unsafely stored at the city's densely populated...
Shocker: The Fed is now printing money for entire world (Full show)
Rick Sanchez discusses the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented policies before and during the COVID-19 crisis, including its projected creation of $3.5 trillion by the end of the year, some of which it intends to lend to US-aligned countries...
‘Hey Siri’ is a Chinese invention stolen by Apple, says court (Full show)
The White House is actively collaborating with US tech giant Microsoft to buy shares of Chinese-owned social media app TikTok despite moves to ban the app in the US. Meanwhile, in what some are calling an act of retaliation, a Chinese AI company is...