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Washington’s ‘foreign agent’ hysteria spreads as US Senators call out Chinese media
Washington’s ‘foreign agent’ hysteria spreads as US Senators call out Chinese media
A group of bipartisan senators is questioning the DOJ over whether or not to require Chinese media outlets to register as ‘foreign agents.’ This comes after US based affiliates of Russian media companies were forced to register.


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News with Ed -- January 17, 2018
‘His New Year’s message was extremely conciliatory’ – policy specialist North and South Korea will organize a joint women's ice hockey team to participate in the Winter Olympics in South Korea later this year. They will also...
RT America -- January 17, 2018
US & Japan wary of N. Korea’s ‘charm offensive’North and South Korea have agreed to form a unified women's hockey team for the upcoming Winter Olympics and will march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony. North Korea...
News with Ed -- January 15, 2018
Hawaii false alert is music to Kim Jong-un’s ears – fmr US diplomatThe false missile alert in Hawaii comes after changes were made in the Civil Defense notification system during November 2017. RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by...
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Intra-Korean talks are: