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Melania keeps escaping Trump’s tenderness, Macron offers his hand and cheek (VIDEO)
Melania keeps escaping Trump’s tenderness, Macron offers his hand and cheek (VIDEO)
US First Lady Melania Trump appeared quite cold towards her husband Donald Trump during the Macrons’ visit to the White House. Their awkward hand-holding moment and uncomfortable kisses were spotted by vigilant netizens.


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RT America - April 24, 2018
‘Big decisions’ coming: Trump and Macron at joint press conference  US President Donald Trump hosts French President Emmanuel Macron during his first visit to the US. At a joint press conference, the two presidents answered...
RT America - April 20,2018
Another violent day of protests in Gaza Tear gas is deployed in clashes on the Gaza-Israel border amid massive anti-Israel protests, including by the families of imprisoned Palestinians. A local journalist working for RT is also tear-gassed - DNC...
RT America - April 19, 2018
Syrian boy describes Douma ‘chemical attack’ Following an alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma, investigators with the OPCW are on standby outside the city due to security concerns. Meanwhile, the Russia 24 has obtained video...
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Who has come out worst from the Skripal poisoning fallout?