Obama sets ‘likes’ record on Twitter over Charlottesville violence
Obama sets ‘likes’ record on Twitter over Charlottesville violence
Former US President Barack Obama’s anti-racism tweet has gained a record number of likes and an enormous amount of shares.


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RT America -- August 15, 2017
China won’t allow regime change in N. Korea – fmr US diplomat Now that the trash talk has cooled between North Korea and the US, is Kim Jong-un backing down from his threat to deploy “historic enveloping fire” on Guam, a US...
RT America -- August 11, 2017
Voiceless & exploited people of Guam now in North Korea’s sights  The tiny island of Guam is home to two US military bases and is often called the "tip of the spear" for its strategic importance in America's operations in the Pacific....
RT America -- August 10, 2017
'No advantage to POTUS' threats' - fmr US ambassador on North KoreaNorth Korean state media has outlined details of the country’s Guam strike plan expected to be ready by mid-August. The attack will reportedly include four missiles fired over...

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The key to defusing tensions over North Korea is: