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Freudian slip? White House puts Jerusalem in Israel, rushes to correct itself
The White House seemed to have had a momentary blackout, listing Jerusalem as part of Israel in an official press release, going against its own long-standing policy. They then simply struck its Middle Eastern ally’s name out.


  • Protesters demonstrate against the Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, in Los Angeles, California, September 13, 2016. © Lucy Nicholson
    The Big Picture
    The hottest political show in the US finds new home with RT. The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann...
    Why are millennials supporting Johnson?!?
    Tonight’s Rumble discusses Harry Reid “thanking” Congressional Republicans for obstructing Obama’s presidency, Trump’s late night misogynistic tweeting, and how teen pregnancies are down thanks to birth control. Thom...
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    Watching the Hawks
    The hosts, Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace along with their guests are your eyes and...
    Election 2016: Taking sexism by the horns (E331)
    On this special all-female episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tabetha Wallace is joined by Anya Parampil and Naomi Karavani to discuss whether or not sexism is shaping this year’s presidential election! Inaam Tahhan joins Sean to...

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RT America -- September 30, 2016
Eric Garner’s daughter talks recent police killings, politics, NYPD spying More than two years after footage of the New York Police Department’s fatal chokehold of Eric Garner shocked America, the underlying issues remain...
RT America -- September 29, 2016
OPEC countries to cut oil production for first time since 2008For the first time in eight years, OPEC is on the verge of raising oil prices by cutting production by 500,000 barrels per day. To discuss, former US Commodity Futures Trading Commission...
RT America -- September 28, 2016
Kerry threatens to sever all Syria cooperation with RussiaThe US holds Russia responsible for the violence in Aleppo and is threatening to break off all cooperation with Moscow in Syria, the State Department said. Russia is asking the US to live up...

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Can the Syria ceasefire be revived?