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Feb 19, 2019 11:36
Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential bid
Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential bid
Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016, says he will run again in 2020. The 77-year-old Vermont senator enjoys great popularity among millennials for his progressive ideas.


  • CIA linked to plane caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela? (E904)
    Watching the Hawks
    The hosts, Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace along with their guests are your eyes and...
    CIA linked to plane caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela? (E904)
    It appears the plane caught attempting to smuggle weapons into Venezuela may have links to CIA ‘black site’ renditions. The 9/11 victim memorial fund may be running out of funds. A critical panel on Black History Month featuring...
  • Livestock animal cruelty!
    The Big Picture
    The Big Picture with Holland Cooke tackles the latest in political news, debates, commentary and...
    Livestock animal cruelty!
    Viewer discretion advised. What happens upstream from the neatly wrapped product at the supermarket? Holland Cooke discusses animal factory farming with Liz Pachaud, a factory farm undercover investigator and former member of Mercy For Animals. We...

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News. Views. Hughes - February 18, 2019 (17:00 ET)
‘Maduro is seeking peaceful solutions’ – Kevin Zeese Attorney and author Kevin Zeese joins News.Views.Hughes to argue that calls for regime-change in Venezuela constitute a US push to seize Venezuelans’ natural resources...
News. Views. Hughes - February 14, 2019 (17:00 ET)
Slim chance for breakthrough in US-China trade talks A delegation of high-level US officials are in China to renegotiate the trade relationship between Washington and Beijing. They seek to alleviate trade tensions and extend their temporary truce...
News. Views. Hughes - February 13, 2019 (17:00 ET)
China rejects secret meeting w/ Guaido agents China has denied reports that Chinese diplomats concerned with Beijing’s investments in Venezuela held talks with agents of presidential aspirant and opposition leader Juan Guaido in Washington,...
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