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Feb 18, 2020 10:31
‘Oligarch v oligarch’ in 2020? Democrats could rob Bernie & nominate Bloomberg in Wall Street win-win – Lee Camp
‘Oligarch v oligarch’ in 2020? Democrats could rob Bernie & nominate Bloomberg in Wall Street win-win – Lee Camp
Bernie Sanders is on course to triumph in the Democratic primaries, but backdoor deals could result in Michael Bloomberg being the nominee, leaving Americans to choose between two Wall Street-backed billionaires, Lee Camp warns.


  • World's leading crypto firm EXPOSED as CIA front
    Watching the Hawks
    Tyrel Ventura and his guests are your eyes and ears on the ground in the world of media, politics...
    World's leading crypto firm EXPOSED as CIA front
    Switzerland is coping with the revelation that the world's largest cryptologic firm is a Swiss-based front for the CIA. California plans to apologize for Japanese internment camps. And the US government has failed to convict the Venezuelan embassy...
  • Who is Pete Buttigieg anyway?
    Redacted Tonight
    With reality now seeming like a Shakespearean comedy, perhaps only comedy can truly bring truth to...
    Who is Pete Buttigieg anyway?
    Buttigieg appeared on the national stage out of nowhere during the 2016 election for DNC chair. Now we’re being told he’s a front-runner in their primaries. His deep connections with US intelligence might help explain his success. In...

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News. Views. Hughes - February 18, 2020 (17:00 ET)
The $11 billion Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which links Russia with European consumers via Germany, is once again facing scrutiny and sanctions from the United States, dividing Europe. Germany criticized US interference in the EU's energy policies....
News. Views. Hughes - February 17, 2020 (17:00 ET)
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has canceled an overseas trip in response to environmentalist and indigenous rights activists blockading rail networks across the country in protest of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, part of a massive $40...
News. Views. Hughes - February 13, 2020 (17:00 ET)
POTUS has 'way too much authority' to wage war – Alan Grayson Former US Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) and author of "High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump" joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the bipartisan resolution with which the...