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British MoD gagging soldiers dissatisfied with Iraq war crime probe handling – media
The British Defense Secretary has reportedly barred soldiers – targeted by an inquiry into alleged war crimes during the Iraq War – from speaking out about the investigators’ tactics before a parliamentary committee. The inquiry has been criticized for its heavy-handed methods.


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    Going Underground
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    Libya’s destruction, Venezuela’s music & is it the end of the NHS? (E389)
    We speak to the Royal College of Physicians about government cuts. We also talk to Dr. Suliman Alshahmy, the man who started Libya’s stock market on NATO’s destruction of the country. Plus, we have music from Venezuela’s Yoyo...
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    Episode 143
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RT America -- September 23, 2016
‘We don’t need more policing, we need more jobs & development’ – Rev. Jesse Jackson The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is set to open in Washington, DC on the heels of two...
RT America -- September 20, 2016
Veteran opiate prescription up 4,000% in 10 yrs – is Big Pharma to blame?The Department of Veterans Affairs has seen more than a 4,000 percent increase in prescriptions for opiate pain killers in the past decades for veterans. Critics argue it...
RT America -- September 19, 2016
‘Hard to see’ how US could not know it was hitting Syrian Army - JatrasThe seven-day ceasefire in Syria is over and it is unclear if it will be renewed after numerous violations of the terms of the truce. The Russian Defense Ministry...

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Can the Syria ceasefire be revived?