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Queen Elizabeth II is worth more than Vodafone, Barclays & Tesco
Queen Elizabeth II is worth more than Vodafone, Barclays & Tesco
Sitting on her throne, a chopper out back and private security out front, dripping in more diamonds than P-Diddy, things are looking pretty rosy for the Queen right now. It turns out her firm just raked in £1.8 billion for the British economy – in just 12 months.


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RT America -- November 20, 2017
DEBATE: Tax breaks for X-mas?Congress is clamoring to pass tax reform before Christmas. But can they get it done, and who exactly ends up getting lumps of coal? John Loudon (R), a former state senator of Missouri, and Democratic strategist Susan...
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Why Weinstein hired Israeli spies to infiltrate his accusers’ livesInvestigative journalist Max Blumenthal explains why Harvey Weinstein turned to Israeli intelligence veterans to suppress his sex abuse accusers. Nation of Islam leader: Trump...
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Franken under fire: Sexual misconduct's reach on both sides of the aisleAn LA radio host accused Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) of forcefully kissing and groping her during a 2006 comedy tour in the Middle East. RT America's Manila Chan has the...

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