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UK News

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The latest news, views and analysis about the UK written by a dedicated team from RT’s London bureau.
Apr 15, 2021 13:03
Oxford research suggests risk of rare blood clotting HIGHER for Covid-19 than for VACCINES
Oxford research suggests risk of rare blood clotting HIGHER for Covid-19 than for VACCINES
Researchers at the University of Oxford say Covid-19 leads to a risk of rare blood clots that's several-times higher than that of current vaccines, amid concerns that the jabs may be to blame for the potentially deadly condition.


  • Ex-MI6 agent: How the Iran-China deal changes everything (E1002)
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    Ex-MI6 agent: How the Iran-China deal changes everything (E1002)
    On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke. He discusses the alleged Israeli Mossad attack on the Natanz nuclear facility, the division among Israel’s politicians about whether to continue pursuing...
  • Community spirit and Titanic tragedy (E379)
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    Community spirit and Titanic tragedy (E379)
    Coronavirus has had a major impact on our day-to-day lives, with Britain’s restrictions among the harshest in the world. But behind the tragedy, there are some remarkable stories. Whilst the UK has lost so much over the last year, one thing...

Bulletin board

Once again, US announces final withdrawal from Afghanistan
President Biden has set a new date to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. The original date of May 1, negotiated between Washington and the Taliban, has been moved to September 11. If the Biden administration follows through with the move and fully...
Riots rock US city for second straight night
Rick Sanchez breaks the news of a forthcoming summit between Presidents Biden and Putin to discuss strategic stability, arms control and other security issues between the US and Russia. Then we discuss recent police encounters between police...
Minnesota in flames after another police killing
Did Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd, or is heart disease and fentanyl abuse to blame? As the prosecution and defense spar in Chauvin’s high-profile ongoing trial, The National Guard is heading back to Minnesota, which has exploded into protest...