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Google's Northern Europe boss Matt Brittin. © Neil Hall
What are you on? Google boss grilled over taxes, but doesn’t know his own salary
Google’s European boss told MPs he does not know his own salary during a grilling over the tech giant’s controversial tax affairs.


  • © Francois Lenoir
    Going Underground
    Three times a week Afshin Rattansi and his team go underground to discover the stories that...
    A Tory on the EU, a Junior doctor on the strikes and a review of the week’s news (E305)
    Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the EU referendum, junior doctors and the week’s news. As Britain's foreign secretary faces parliamentary scrutiny on the EU deal, we ask one of David Cameron's former cabinet members, Andrew Mitchell, about...
  • Spike Lee. © Shannon Stapleton
    Sputnik orbits the World with George Galloway, looking behind the stories which made the news, as...
    Episode 110
    It was probably the last thing that Hollywood needed when the great Spike Lee announced he was boycotting the Oscars in protest at the perceived lack of recognition of black and other minority talent nominated for the awards. But Hollywood, like...

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RT America -- February 11, 2016
Final occupiers in Oregon standoff surrender The last four occupiers at the wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon were finally arrested by federal agents on Thursday afternoon, ending an occupation in the area lasting more than 40 days. Cliven Bundy,...
RT America -- February 9, 2016
"Multi-ethnic coalition a symbol of Bernie Sanders" - Bernie SurrogateNina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and national Sander surrogate, joins RT's Ed Schultz to discuss the surge of Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire and the role of African...
RT America -- February 8, 2016
Candidates move to 'artful smears' before NH primaryWashington Correspondent for The Nation Magazine John nichols joins RT's Ed Schultz to discuss recent attacks between the Democratic front-runners and former President Bill Clinton, focusing...

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The escalation of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran is: