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Trump to visit UK in July – reports
Trump to visit UK in July – reports
US President Donald Trump will visit the UK this summer, according to reports in the British media. The visit is thought to be scheduled for mid-July.


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RT America - April 25, 2018
Debate: Is Macron looking to influence Trump’s foreign policy? French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the US Congress for the first time Wednesday, speaking on the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Accord. Will he bend Trump to his...
RT America - April 24, 2018
‘Big decisions’ coming: Trump and Macron at joint press conference  US President Donald Trump hosts French President Emmanuel Macron during his first visit to the US. At a joint press conference, the two presidents answered...
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Another violent day of protests in Gaza Tear gas is deployed in clashes on the Gaza-Israel border amid massive anti-Israel protests, including by the families of imprisoned Palestinians. A local journalist working for RT is also tear-gassed - DNC...
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