The British Royal Navy amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark  © Darrin Zammit Lupi
Royal Navy pledges to ‘man-mark’ passing Russian fleet
Britain’s navy has pledged to keep her shores ‘safe’ as a Russian fleet passes the British Isles bound for the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Director Oliver Stone © Vincent West
    Going Underground
    Three times a week Afshin Rattansi and his team go underground to discover the stories that aren’t...
    Oscar winning director Oliver Stone on freedom of speech, downfall of Trump & Clinton (E340)
    We speak to award winning director Oliver Stone about the hacking of Hillary, CIA backed cinema, and the British government’s bank that appears to be trying to stop you from watching this program. Plus, Going Underground producer Pete Bennett...
  • © Brendan McDermid
    Sputnik orbits the World with George Galloway, looking behind the stories which made the news, as...
    Episode 146
    The world economy sometimes seems to be hurtling towards yet another crash (at least of credibility), as currencies oscillate, growth goes into reverse, trade deals stall, and financial institutions go bankrupt. In Britain, add the shambolic lurch...

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RT America -- October 19, 2016
Media & Clinton campaign hype conspiracy about RT collusion with WikiLeaksWith just hours to go before the final US presidential debate, Hillary Clinton's camp has again decided to play the Russian card. Not only do they say Russia is behind the...
RT America -- October 18, 2016
Final debate: Will candidates stick to the issues? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will debate for the final time of the 2016 election cycle. To discuss what the candidates must do to win this pivotal debate, Ian Walters of the American...
RT America -- October 17, 2016
‘Trump running misogynistic, anti-women campaign’ – president of NOW With Election Day nearing, Donald Trump is quickly losing support of female voters. Will this be the difference between victory and defeat for Trump on...

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The US and EU are threatening Russia with sanctions over Syrian civilian deaths, which is: