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China lists 100 ways US meddled in Hong Kong (Full show)
China’s foreign ministry has released an official list detailing 100 distinct instances of US meddling in Hong Kong. The list slams the administrations of Trump and Biden as well as a host of US politicians from both parties, including Sen....
What Huawei heiress arrest was really all about — IRAN! (Full Show)
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was released from house arrest on Friday. She was detained since December 2018, when she was arrested at a Canadian airport at the behest of Washington. Rick Sanchez explains how Meng’s arrest had less to do with the...
France to Australia: Pay up! You owe $66 B for subs (Full show)
France is demanding $66 billion from a reluctant Australia, the agreed-upon price for the 12 nuclear submarines it intended to sell the Australians before the US and UK stepped in with a better offer. France is planning to increase its military...