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US sides with UK, France out — is NATO unraveling? (Full show)
Relations between France and the United States remain considerably cold, even as President Biden acknowledges that the US ought to have been more transparent with France concerning its nuclear submarine deal with the UK and Australia. The deal...
China's property bubble: Can Xi make it stop? (Full show)
The Evergrande Group, one of China’s top developers, owes too much money. Beijing has finally stepped in to stop their reckless borrowing, which could be a death knell for the company. China’s real estate boom involves millions of empty...
Saudi Arabia gets $500-million military contract from US
US President Joe Biden's campaign vow seems to be on the backburner, as his administration has green-lighted a $500 million helicopter deal to the Gulf Kingdom. France is outraged over the latest nuclear submarine deal that was signed by the US, UK...