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US loses $600 billion each year! Someone will pay for it (Full show)
The difference between taxes owed and taxes actually paid, or "tax gap" amounts to $600 billion annually. The Biden administration plans to mitigate the problem by requiring banks to send more information to the IRS, including very meager accounts....
Uh oh! China cuts off Australia — 'you are now our adversary!' (Full show)
President Biden has announced a new tripartite deal with Australia and the UK, with Australia receiving nuclear-powered submarines from the UK, with the US working to mediate. Beijing has condemned the action and denounced Australia as henceforth an...
Xi to Biden 'no thanks, I don't want to meet with you' (Full show)
President Biden suggested a summit with Chinese President Xi during a 90 minute Tuesday phone call. Xi declined the offer, according to the Financial Times, and requested “a less strident tone” toward China. Biden says the exchange never...