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Israel shells Lebanon as country plummets into anarchy (Full show)
A year after the cataclysmic explosion in Beirut that injured 8,000 people, killed hundreds and could be heard as far as the island of Cyprus, the Lebanese still reel from the trauma of the blast and the lack of accountability in its aftermath....
US 'preparing for World War III' with global war games (Full show)
US naval and marine exercises across 17 time zones and especially those staged in the near abroad of Russia and China are being widely condemned as acts of provocation. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof weighs in. He blames the vestigial Cold...
Despite 20 years of war, Taliban & ISIS stronger than ever
Rick Sanchez presents an overview of the horrific quagmire that Washington’s bellicose foreign policy has wrought in Afghanistan and Iraq. After so much bloodshed and trillions of dollars, the US is ramping up its withdrawal from Afghanistan...