Football fans mimic Neymar’s acting antics… with hilarious results (VIDEO)

2 Jul, 2018 13:41
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/ RT

Brazil star Neymar has been at his theatrical best at the World Cup in Russia, showing an array of emotions as he has dived, rolled, shimmied and scored his way through the tournament so far.

But what do the fans make of the Samba Boy’s stagecraft, and can they mimic the actions of the brazen Brazilian?

RT took to the streets of Russia to find out.

Fans reveled in the chance to replicate the Brazil no. 10’s facial expressions as he rolled around on the floor – as he has done on frequent occasions in Russia – and also copy his grimace as he heads the ball.

Some fans impressively managed to avoiding spilling a single drop of beer while pulling off one of Neymar’s most blatant rolls.

The PSG star has a roller-coaster World Cup so far, being accused of diving and showboating on numerous occasions, but also getting on the scoresheet in his team’s group stage win against Costa Rica – an eventful game which saw him burst into tears at the final whistle.

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The Brazil forward also came in for online mockery over the ‘pasta bowl’ hairstyle he modelled in the team’s opening game draw against Switzerland, although the look was dispensed with in time for the second game against Costa Rica, perhaps in response to the online laughter.

Neymar and Brazil take on Mexico in their World Cup last 16 game in Samara.