Russia’s new hottest football fan… and she’s not a porn star (PHOTOS)

21 Jun, 2018 13:45
Russia’s new hottest  football fan… and she’s not a porn star (PHOTOS)
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liman_maria / Instagram

Russia has a contender for its hottest new football fan after it emerged previous favorite Natalya Nemchinova had a secret history as a porn star.

Blonde Nemchinova had frequently appeared in World Cup coverage dressed in a skimpy white top and traditional Russian headdress, before scandal struck when it emerged she had appeared in a string of adult-rated movies.

REVEALED: ‘Russia’s hottest World Cup fan’ turns out to be porn star (PHOTOS)

However, there’s now a new contender for the crown who has set pulses racing with some raunchy World Cup-themed snaps: 24-year-old Maria Liman.

The model, actress and TV presenter has posted a host of racy Instagram pictures showing her decked out in the red, white and blue of the Russian flag, with captions offering support for the boys in their home World Cup campaign.

She’s spoken of her love for the game, saying: “I’m rooting for ours guys! When I was little I loved to stand on the gate and didn’t miss any goal. If I stood on the gate the victory would be in our pocket.”

The curvy brunette has taken part in a host of top modeling competitions and has graced the pages of Playboy magazine. She’s also seen in front of the camera as a presenter on Fashion TV.  

This summer though the football-mad model has turned her attention to Russia’s World Cup campaign, and has backed the team by painting her face and posing in a series of saucy snaps.

She’s also shown off her ball control in front of Rostov Arena, which is one of the 12 stadiums being used at the 2018 World Cup.

With support like that, it’s no wonder Russia have caused a sensation so far at their home World Cup, winning two games in two and scoring eight goals in the process. As things hot up on the pitch, Maria is sure to do the same in her Instagram snaps.