CCTV footage shows England fan defacing monument outside World Cup stadium (VIDEO)

4 Jul, 2018 12:41
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This is the moment an England fan, identified as Rufus Hall, defaced a monument outside Spartak Stadium in Moscow where the Three Lions played their last-16 game against Colombia on Tuesday.

The CCTV footage captured Hall approaching the monument to late Russian footballer Fyodor Cherenkov and scrawling ‘England’ across the statue’s chest.

The fan was detained by police shortly after the incident before being fined 3,000 roubles ($47) as an administrative punishment for the vandalism.

"The Tushinsky court examined the case of the British subject Rufus Hall. The court has was found him guilty in accordance with the Russian legislation and obliged Hall to pay an administrative fine of 3,000 roubles,” a court representative said, TASS reported. The monument has since been scrubbed clean, and Russian media reports suggest it was England fans that scoured off the scribbles.

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Earlier, a video clip emerged on social media showing Hall apologizing for defacing the monument.