‘We will chant all 90 minutes’: Danish Vikings in Nizhny Novgorod ahead of Croatia clash (VIDEO)

1 Jul, 2018 10:50
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/ RT

Danish fans dressed in Viking outfits have arrived in Nizhny Novgorod to support their national squad in the World Cup last 16 clash against Croatia.

Despite being outnumbered by Croatian supporters, the Danes promised to chant for 90 minutes to encourage their squad, which they expect to win on Sunday.

There are not that many Danes. I’ve heard like [there will be] 800 [fans] maybe. But at the stadium we are going to chant all 90 minutes and extend it if needed,” a Danish fan said.

We are going to chant because we want the Danes to succeed, we want the Danes to feel that we are here for them. And we want them to prove that they should be the best,” he added.

The Denmark fans also said that all the news back home ahead of the World Cup picturing Russia as a hostile and unfriendly nation failed to materialize.

We are ashamed of having a bad [attitude towards Russia]. We thought that going to Russia would be a bad time but, none of that has been true.”

My family and my colleagues told me don’t get killed. It was like that,” another Danish supporter said.

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It’s easy, everyone is so friendly. It’s so nice; we [are] all having a great time. All the countries and nations and the Russians, we are all together; it’s a one big group,” he added.

On Sunday, Denmark and Croatia, which remain unbeaten at the 2018 World Cup, will face each other at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium for a quarterfinal spot.