Cursed! 'Sorry...' World Cup Russia Day #14

27 Jun, 2018 21:42
Cursed! 'Sorry...' World Cup Russia Day #14
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Players collapse after South Korea humiliates World Champions Germany in Kazan. / REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

How much better can this get? OK Brazil beat intrepid Serbia. But Costa-Rica crashed the Swiss banker, Mexico were hammered and went through and yes, Germany are aus! 

The Serbs put on a hell of show in downtown Moscow tonight. Brazil filled a metro station. Here we cast our eye over social soccer, where the official accounts are winning, losing, celebrating and very often struggling to stay stylish in the face of on-field calamity. But the fans are winning.

Here's the Brazil boys down the metro. All smiles.

Not so smiley.

Defender Mats Hummels. German eloquence.

So is the Mannschaft twitter account in English.


But the Seoul brothers enjoyed it.

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Costa-Rican Kendall Watson is giving thanks. 

Sweden is:

And very much:

Mexico are moving on. Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa:

Brazil 'legend' (ahem, Cafu, Carlos Alberto) Dani Alves gave goal-scorer a hand this afternoon & Brazil-Insta loved it.

But it seems Serbia was a winner after all.