‘Lucky to be here’: DJ Paul Oakenfold tells RT of World Cup impression

26 Jun, 2018 07:25
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/ RT

World Cup host city Moscow has visibly impressed renowned DJ and music producer Paul Oakenfold, who told RT how it feels to be in Russia and why he did a remix of a famous song by Russian rock star Viktor Tsoi.

Oakenfold, who authored a soundtrack for the FIFA 2005 PC game and wrote a number of music themes for football tournaments in the past, had a sit-down with RT crew in spectacular Zaryadye Park, located just outside the Kremlin walls. “I’ve seen a lot of changes, Moscow is without doubt a very cosmopolitan city now,” the famous DJ said, standing on a bridge overlooking Moskva River.

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When asked about changes he’s seen in Russia, he replied: “People are smiling – Russians are smiling – maybe because the country is doing well and the team is doing well.”

“It’s good to be here, I’m very lucky,” added the DJ.

Oakenfold will embark on a long tour across Russia’s World Cup host cities, where he will perform in fan zones and beyond. “I wrote music for FIFA and FIFA games, for Champions League and Chelsea, so to come and DJ the fan zones – especially where the England team are – for me is an honor,” he commented.

“[The tournament is] very well organized here, I must say, very friendly, very much football everywhere,” the DJ said of what he saw in Moscow.


To entertain Russian fans, Oakenfold told RT he recorded “a very special mix” of ‘We want change,’ a song by Viktor Tsoi, a Soviet singer and songwriter who co-founded ‘Kino’ – one of the most popular bands in the history of Russian rock music.

“I mean, the Russians love to party, we know that … And every time I play it – wherever I am in Russia – people sing along and they love it.”

“I respect Russia, I respect the people, I love coming to this country, so I wanted to go and play out my respect and show people how much I love Russia,” he added.

The World Cup is not the most unusual place for Oakenfold to perform. Last year, he played an extraordinary music set at Mount Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas. The resulting Base Camp album became a classic for trance lovers.