England fans who cycled to Russia for World Cup discover underground Volgograd brewery (VIDEOS)

24 Jun, 2018 11:37
England fans who cycled to Russia for World Cup discover underground Volgograd brewery (VIDEOS)
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/ RT

Upon arrival in Volgograd after cycling 2,400 miles to the World Cup, England fans Jamie and Mitch were treated to typical Russian hospitality - by being taken on a tour of a local pub's underground brewery by the owners.

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Most people would want to relax after cycling across eight countries - not Jamie and Mitch. The adventurous duo have a penchant for the more fun things in life, and after making their way from the UK through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, the two arrived for a few pints at a local Volgograd watering hole.

While enjoying a few cold ones and speaking to RT, the lads were accosted by Olga, beermaster owner of Bamberg on the city's Sovetskaya Street, a popular haunt for locals and tourists alike just a stone's throw from the River Volga. 

If it wasn't already enough that the boys were enjoying beer on the house, Olga proudly led the pair downstairs to show how the beer is made from mere hops to crisp lager and chunky stout in the on-site brewery. 

The lads tried samples of everything from thick 18 percent stout to lighter lagers and craft IPAs, all pulled from the large metallic canisters.

"Everyone's been great with us. We've enjoyed a bit of unexpected celebrity status because of the cycle since we got here," Jamie said. 

Asked about what they had encountered more, flat tyres or football hooligans, Jamie answered: "Definitely flat tyres. We had a few in the first bit of the journey, before even probably about 10 in total!"

During the beer tour, the lads got the opportunity to practice a little bit of the Russian they'd picked up on the journey by toasting, although some phrases were more difficult to pronounce than first anticipated. 

Jamie and Mitch stunned fans by admitting they were not training for the cycle ride which spanned across eight countries over 24 days. Instead, they spent their time drinking with pals, and have carried on the form since arriving in Russia.  

Next stop for the lads on their ale trail? Nizhny Novgorod to see the Three Lions take on World Cup first-timers Panama, with a win against the Central Americans guaranteeing progress to the knockout stages after England's 2-1 defeat of Tunisia in volgograd.