Russia-Mexico bout in ‘World Vodka Championship’ ends in a tie (VIDEO)

22 Jun, 2018 21:46
Russia-Mexico bout in ‘World Vodka Championship’ ends in a tie (VIDEO)
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© Sergey Kovalev / Global Look Press

A six-shot match of a “vodka championship” in a Krasnodar bar between a Russian and a Mexican football fan resulted in a draw, as both contestants showed impressive speed-drinking skill and a will to win.

The spirit battle was held in Russia’s southern city of Krasnodar at Harat’s pub. The bar-goers – Russia and Mexico football fans – decided to hold a competition that they dubbed the World Vodka Championship (WVC), which involved speed-drinking a half-liter bottle of vodka.

The drinking game was judged by another Russian fan who proclaimed himself the final authority for the match. The participants managed to finish up six shots of vodka in under seven seconds each, making it hard to determine who the winner was without an instant replay. But in a sporting spirit neither apparently wanted to challenge the other’s victory, so the “judge” declared it a tie.