World Cup Jenga: Football fans erect 4-meter tall beer cup tower in Kazan (VIDEOS)

17 Jun, 2018 22:16
World Cup Jenga: Football fans erect 4-meter tall beer cup tower in Kazan (VIDEOS)
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/ RT

The global football fan community displayed some incredible determination and acrobatic skills, by spending several hours assembling a four-meter-tall tower from empty cups at one of the World Cup fan zones in the city of Kazan.

The construction of a tower out of used plastic beer cups began as a fun way for punters to enjoy Brazil's inaugural match against Switzerland, which was played in Rostov Arena. While the players warmed up for kick-off, Australians in one of the fan zones in Kazan decided to get an early drinking start, which quickly turned into an exciting architectural challenge. After downing a drink, an Australian fan would stack the empty beer cup on top of others.

Within minutes, the tiny tower began to ascend, assisted by Venezuelan and Brazilian fans who joined in. Russians were also not shy to lend a helping hand and an empty cup. Slowly, the structure began to soar over the heads of thousands of spectators, who were watching the game on a massive screen.

As the tower reached gigantic proportions, the builders had to perform some incredible acrobatic stunts, climbing on other fans’ shoulders, who then helped the challenger stand on their feet as they reached for the hoop. Not everyone could perform such feats. Some tried and failed, taking a portion of the tower down with them.

To loud cheers and applause, others picked up where the failed fans had left off. Slowly but surely, the plastic construction reached an epic size. In five hours, the fans managed to build a four-meter-tall tower, using an estimated 300 cups.

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