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10 Jun, 2019 18:51

Neymar sexual assault accuser's lawyer considering withdrawing from case - report

Neymar sexual assault accuser's lawyer considering withdrawing from case - report

The legal counsel for Najila Trindade, the woman who has accused Brazil star Neymar of rape, is considering withdrawing from the case unless further evidence can be produced by his client, according to media reports on Monday.

Lawyer Danilo Garcia de Andrade said that he has asked his client, Najila Trindade, to provide him with a full, unedited video of a second encounter she had with Neymar. However, she claims that the tablet which stored the recording was stolen from her home.

Neymar strongly refutes the sexual assault allegations against him - which stem from an encounter between the two in a Paris hotel on May 15 - insisting that the pair had consensual sex. 

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An edited clip from a video filmed by Trindade inside the hotel room was aired on Brazil's TV Record last week but Trindade insists there is a full, 7-minute version of the recording which, she claims, would be harmful to Neymar's defense. 

However, she now claims that the footage was stolen in a break-in at her home in Brazil, despite building management disputing her claim that there was a burglary on the property.

Andrade told Brazil's UOL Esporte that he will be unable to continue the case unless further evidence is made available to him.

"The attorney-client relationship is based always on trust," he said.

"If there is no trust, then there is no reason to stay on."

He also added that he has provided his client with a deadline to provide him with the video evidence.

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In addition to the brief video already supplied to Brazilian media, Trindade has records of text-message conversations between her and Neymar as well as photographic evidence of the alleged assault. 

Despite his assertion that he would consider walking away from the case, Andrade stated that he believes Trindade's account of the incident. 

In a video posted to his Instagram page in the wake of the allegations, Neymar insisted on his innocence and suggested that he was the victim of a blackmail plot. 

His lawyer, Maira Freita, says that she has "full confidence that we will prove my client is innocent."

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