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25 Feb, 2019 19:07

‘Filth’: Khabib condemns play featuring lingerie-clad actress after staging in Dagestan

‘Filth’: Khabib condemns play featuring lingerie-clad actress after staging in Dagestan

Russian MMA star Khabib Nurmagomedov has condemned the hosting of a play featuring female infidelity and seduction in his Dagestani homeland, branding the performance “filth.”

UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov, a devout Muslim, took to social media to share an image from a particularly intimate part of the play ‘Okhota Na Muzhchin’ – which translates as ‘Hunting for Men’.

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A performance of the play was reportedly held in Dagestani regional capital Makhachkala on February 23, in the city’s ‘House of Friendship.’

An outraged Khabib shared an image of the main female character slowly seducing her lover while dressed only in black lingerie.

“I’ve just seen this video, [but] I haven’t shared this filth here,” Nurmagomedov wrote in Russian in his post, which has since been deleted.   

“Who in general has responsibility for this, and who organized this kind of event for us in Dagestan, I again point out for us.

“Dagestan is our land, and no one should organize this kind of event there.

“By Allah, until the men of our Dagestan wake up and begin to restore order, our situation will only get worse," he fumed.

“Where is the leadership of our Republic? Where are our officials?

“Who, in general, is responsible for this?

“Dagestan is a land of honor and dignity, decent men and innocent women, and not what they have introduced lately to us.”

He added a hashtag translating as “Dagestan wake up.”  

The play – promoted as a comedy – follows the story of an attractive young woman in a loveless marriage who finds affection elsewhere in the form of a young academic, starting a whirlwind romance with no shortage of lust.   

While Khabib only shared a still of the performance with his 13.7 million followers, the original video of the scene was posted by the ‘AS_Patriots’ account.

Nurmagomedov's post was ‘liked’ more than 200,000 times within two hours.

It is the latest outburst from Nurmagomedov over what he sees as the deterioration of moral values in his Muslim-majority home region.

The undefeated MMA fighter has previously hit out at the staging of rap concerts in Dagestan, becoming involved in a high-profile social media spat with some of the biggest names in the Russian entertainment industry.   

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Back in November, he also called for the closure of nightclubs in the republic, calling them a “dirty business.”

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Since defeating Irish megastar Conor McGregor in October in Las Vegas, Nurmagomedov has been propelled to fame far beyond MMA circles.

He has met world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin, and is seen as an increasingly influential Muslim figure in the world of sport. 

After Nurmagomedov was slapped with a nine-month ban by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the mass brawl that followed his win over McGregor, the Dagestani fighter condemned the US state as allowing "prostitutes, gambling and drugs," vowing never to fight there again.     

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He was also accused of sexism in December when on a trip to Saudi Arabia, where he was asked his thoughts on female MMA figthers. 

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“For females, I have very good advice, be fighters at home,” he answered, adding: “And one more advice, all the time, finish your husband, smash him really bad."