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7 Sep, 2020 15:29

Still ‘mostly peaceful?’: Disturbing Portland ‘Kill press’ graffiti spotted by heavily armored journalists

Still ‘mostly peaceful?’: Disturbing Portland ‘Kill press’ graffiti spotted by heavily armored journalists

A disturbing image purporting to show journalists photographing graffiti which reads, “Kill Press” in the besieged city of Portland has generated shockwaves online, as tensions between activists and the media continue to ramp up.

Despite ongoing mainstream media efforts to downplay the widespread rioting across the US in recent months as mostly peacefulprotests,” time and time again, Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists and agitators have turned on the press.

The rapidly deteriorating relationship between the sprawling protest movements and local and national media was captured somewhat neatly by a photo purporting to show the words “Kill Press” scrawled on a wall in Portland this past weekend. 

Despite repeated claims of peaceful intent from protesters and their sympathizers in the MSM, extreme violence has accompanied well-intentioned racial justice and anti-police brutality marches from Seattle to Washington DC, from Kenosha to Portland, and NYC

Many online were stunned by the anti-press graffiti, warning that the violent agitators would “reap what they sow.” Some went as far as describing Antifa and BLM as terrorists,” while others still wondered aloud whether the movements would be declared a national security threat.

CNN’s own headquarters in Atlanta were trashed by protesters in June, forcing the company to erect a Trump-esque wall around the building to provide additional security for its staff.

The families of Jacob Blake and George Floyd, two black men who were shot by police, sparking major backlash, have made repeated pleas for peace in the streets which appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

As protests turned violent this past weekend, members of the mob could be heard shouting: “If you ain’t police, do not record crimes,” in an apparent veiled threat against citizen and independent journalists known to risk their lives covering the ongoing unrest sweeping the nation. 

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