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1 Jun, 2020 12:19

‘He was about peace’: George Floyd’s brother speaks out against riots, pleading ‘channel your anger elsewhere’

‘He was about peace’: George Floyd’s brother speaks out against riots, pleading ‘channel your anger elsewhere’

Street violence isn’t the way to secure justice for George Floyd, who stood for peace and was “a gentle giant,” the slain Minnesotan’s younger brother said, urging rioters to stop destroying their own communities.

“Don’t tear up your town! All of this is not necessary, because if his own family and blood is not doing it, then why are you?” Floyd’s younger brother told ABC. The slain man’s family will “go another route” to seek justice, which, they believe, will eventually be served.

“Sometimes, I get angry and I want to bust some heads, too,” Terrence Floyd told ABC. But the demeanor of his late brother has stopped him from “going crazy,” he explained. George Floyd, who was allegedly suffocated by a uniformed police officer in Minneapolis, “wasn’t about that”, he added.

My brother was about peace. You’ll hear a lot of people say he was a gentle giant.

Floyd’s sibling was speaking in the aftermath of the riots that have blighted almost all major US cities, with people looting and engaging in clashes with police. In response, state and city administrations have enforced curfews to control the violence.

The police officer allegedly responsible for Floyd’s death, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter and placed under arrest.

However, a co-counsel for the Floyd family has told RT that these charges were inadequate, as they implied the cause of death was reckless behavior – something that wasn’t the case, the lawyer insisted.

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