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28 Apr, 2020 20:37

Russian MMA fighter 'ATTACKED' after releasing diss track 'Hypocrisy King' aimed at Khabib Nurmagomedov

Russian MMA fighter 'ATTACKED' after releasing diss track 'Hypocrisy King' aimed at Khabib Nurmagomedov

Russian MMA fighter Dmitry 'Anubis' Kuznetsov says he has been attacked by a group of five men in revenge for his recently released rap track 'Hypocrisy King,' which was aimed at UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"Now everyone will try to beat me up and humiliate me? This time five people, how many there will be the next time?" asked Kuznetsov in the caption accompanying a picture showing him with scratches and marks on his face, standing by a damaged car.

"Why did you drag me along the concrete and tear my clothes? I don’t understand. Did they really want to rape me? I got some scratches and a hit in my head, so what? [You are] strange people," he continued.

Kuznetsov also mentioned the damaged car, which he says belongs to his father, revealing his parents have received threats. 

"I'll have to move away from my family for their safety. There will be no police report and no apologizing, I got nothing to apologize for. My intentions and spirit will not be broken," he concluded.

The alleged attack comes shortly after 'Anubis' released a rap video in which he portrays UFC champion Khabib sitting on a throne in his traditional 'papakha' headwear, spurning advances from models by a pool and even appearing to accept a sexual favor from one of several men surrounding him.

Visiting themes of misogyny, corruption, nationalism and "the queer-virus" that "could be the end of all," the video to the track shows Khabib paying a homeless person to do push-ups – a reference to a controversial clip he published on social media in 2018 – and being surrounded by cronies and girls in swimwear.

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Echoing UFC rival Tony Ferguson's repeated accusations of cowardice against an opponent he has been scheduled to meet five times, the lyrics suggest Khabib is fearless "only if I am surrounded by my precious guys," with his entourage in the video comprising a group of men wearing swimming trunks around a bath tub.

Having watched a model in lingerie dance in front of him, the fake Khabib walks past a bevy of champagne-drinking groupies in the water before appearing to be fellated by one of his male sidekicks, mocking his disgust at a play about sexual infidelity, 'Hunting for Men,' which was staged in Dagestan last year.

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The bathtub scene in which Kuznetsov is surrounded by men appears to be in reference to a widely-circulated photo of Khabib and his teammates in their younger days after a training session.

Khabib's signature phrase "send me location" can also be heard in the background.

Khabib has publicly called former opponent Conor McGregor a hypocrite, but the track, called Hypocrisy King, applies the term to the Eagle, rapping: "F**k all the rules and f**k you, I will be hypocritical every, every time."

It also nods to remarks made by Khabib during an interview in 2018, including lyrics telling women that they can only "give birth, clean up and shut up," adding that they should "quietly survive in a man's world."

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The genre of the song also seems to be picked up by Kuznetsov intentionally, as Khabib famously spoke against the staging of rap concerts in his native Dagestan back in 2018, which has led to the cancellation of a number of shows in the region.

Featherweight Kuznetsov himself has a pro MMA record of 10-6, having competed in Russia's Fight Nights Global promotion, as well as several other minor leagues.

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