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17 Apr, 2020 18:05

'Fight Island' is real: UFC files 22 new trademarks for 'Fight Island' and 'UFC Fight Island' ahead of COVID-19 comeback (VIDEO)

'Fight Island' is real: UFC files 22 new trademarks for 'Fight Island' and 'UFC Fight Island' ahead of COVID-19 comeback (VIDEO)

If you thought UFC president Dana White's idea of holding events on a 'Fight Island' was nothing more than a figment of his imagination, think again. The UFC has filed multiple trademarks to secure use of the term for its events.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben took to social media on Friday to report a serious move by the UFC to lock up the trademark terms "Fight Island" and "UFC Fight Island" via 22 separate trademark applications.

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The applications, 11 for "Fight Island" 11 for "UFC Fight Island" are intended to give UFC brand ownership of the terms for use in a variety of applications, including event branding and array of merchandising categories.

All 11 applications were made on April 13.

White explained his intention to hold events on a private island, which has since taken on an identity of its own, despite its location remaining a closely-guarded secret.

"Fight Island is real!" White told fans following the announcement of UFC 249's demise, explaining that the infrastructure is being installed. He hopes to be able to host fighters there to train, then fight, in around a month's time.

But if the idea sounded far-fetched – and, let's face it, it did – these trademark applications certainly seem to suggest the UFC is serious in its attempt to make it happen.

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