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7 Dec, 2019 22:35

Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2: Round-by-round breakdown as Joshua claims landslide victory in Saudi Arabia

Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2: Round-by-round breakdown as Joshua claims landslide victory in Saudi Arabia

RT Sport scored the fight round by round as Anthony Joshua reclaimed the WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight titles. See how we scored the fight as Joshua returned to the top of the heavyweight tree


Ruiz noticeably more aggressive early on than he was in the first fight, taking the center of the ring and pushing forward. Joshua looking relaxed, but content to work from the outside, popping out the jab. Beautiful right hand lands to the eye of Ruiz and leaves the champion cut. Just the start Joshua wanted.



Ruiz coming forward undeterred by his early cut, but Joshua is starting to find his mark with his right hand. Another right re-opens the cut on Ruiz's left eye. Joshua keeping things at range with smart footwork, and connects with a big left hook to the body. Joshua starting to loosen up and land cleanly with jabs, while Ruiz is struggling to get inside and land. Joshua lands a big shot after a clinch, but a clash of heads leaves the Brit cut.

10-9 JOSHUA / 20-18 JOSHUA


Same pattern as the opening two rounds, with Joshua controlling the range with his jab and his footwork, while Ruiz looks to lean in with jabs of his own. Ruiz narrowly misses with a left hook. After a round of barely being touched, Joshua lands a slick three-punch combination, finishing with a hook to the body, as he takes the round with ease.

10-9 JOSHUA / 30-27 JOSHUA


Ruiz starts to have some success in closing the distance on Joshua and connects with some solid-looking shots. Joshua's jab isn't popping out as frequently, but Ruiz is starting to move into range. Joshua connects with a good right hand and misses with a big left, but Ruiz aonnects with a big shot of his own that briefly stiffened the legs of the challenger. Much closer round, but AJ landed the cleaner shots overall.

10-9 JOSHUA / 40-36 JOSHUA


Ruiz chases Joshua, but doesn't have the foot speed to close the distance and get into punching range. Joshua stings Ruiz with a slick one-two combination in the final minute of an otherwise quiet round to stay well on top.

10-9 JOSHUA / 50-45 JOSHUA


They're much closer together in the sixth and Ruiz wakes up Joshua with a pair of solid punches, and Joshua responds in kind. Joshua continues to score with his accurate jab and circles away from the champion. Then, with Ruiz caught following the challenger, Joshua steps in with a big left hook that connects cleanly for the best punch of the fight so far. Ruiz takes it well and continues to plod forward, but is being made to look pedestrian by the Brit.

10-9 JOSHUA / 60-54 JOSHUA


It's one-way traffic, and Ruiz is starting to look a little frustrated. He's admonished by the referee for an illegal punch to the back of Joshua's head. But in truth it's one of the few shots he's landed so far. Joshua slips while looking for a straight right, but recovers before falling to the canvas. They go toe to toe and Joshua does well to avoid a pair of Ruiz haymakers. Joshua connects with another solid right as he takes another round with relative ease.

10-9 JOSHUA / 70-63 JOSHUA


Ruiz having some success to the body, firing under Joshua's outstretched left hand. Referee tells off Joshua after the Brit gets angry after late shots after the call to break. Ruiz clubs Joshua with close range shots and the Brit faces his first adversity of the fight. The crowd are excited, but Joshua looks calm. Ruiz clips Joshua with a lef thook, and Joshua smiles and fires back. That's Ruiz's first round of the fight.

10-9 RUIZ / 79-73 JOSHUA


Joshua goes back to his jab and his footwork in the ninth as he looks to run the legs off the much heavier world champion. Ruiz surely knows he needs a KO at this point, and he's looking to make it rough for the Brit up close. Beautiful combination from Joshua scores big for Joshua, but Ruiz answers with a right of his own. Much better round for the former champion.

10-9 JOSHUA / 89-82 JOSHUA


Ruiz starting to slow as Joshua cruises through the 10th round, working behind his jab and keeping the American at range.

10-9 JOSHUA / 99-91 JOSHUA


Joshua staying well out of range as he protects his colossal lead on the scorecards. Ruiz chasing and throwing haymaker shots to the head and body, but not too much of it is landing. Joshua pot-shotting with jabs from range and presenting a bouncing, moving target for Ruiz, who can't set his feet to throw his power shots. Ruiz connects with a couple of solid shots to the body, but Joshua's jab dominates once again.

10-9 JOSHUA / 109-100 JOSHUA


After a touch of gloves and a couple of words between the pair, they get underway in the final round. Ruiz is full-on chasing Joshua around the ring, desperately throwing shots, but Joshua backpedals and walks Ruiz onto a beautiful right hand that sends sweat flying into the third row. Joshua bouncing around the ring and forcing Ruiz to chase shadows as the bout goes into its final minute. As the 10-second clapper goes, Ruiz gestures to Joshua to meet him in the center of the ring and Joshua grins and just bounces away from him as the final bell rings.

10-9 JOSHUA / 119-109 JOSHUA


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