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12 Sep, 2019 13:42

'Tiramisu needs an ass-whooping!' Khabib Nurmagomedov & Tony Ferguson top trash talk quotes

'Tiramisu needs an ass-whooping!' Khabib Nurmagomedov & Tony Ferguson top trash talk quotes

After Khabib Nurmagomedov became undisputed UFC lightweight champion on Saturday, it seems only one man can test the unbeaten Russian: Tony Ferguson, and the two multiple-time matched rivals have a history of fierce trash talking.

RT Sport has rounded up some quick quotes from the trash talking between two of the best fighters in the 155lbs division to tell some of the story of the fight everyone wants to see.

'It's just boring. It's Lazy'

After Khabib's dominant shut out and submission win over interim champion Poirier at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi, the sharp-tongued Ferguson sounded off on Khabib's "boring" fighting style. 

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Although the Russian's suffocating style and blistering pace in the octagon has felled 28 men before him, turning most of them into rag dolls along the way, Ferguson insisted Khabib was "lazy" in the octagon. 

"When I see someone pushing against the cage and not really doing much, just kind of putting themselves as a wet blanket," Ferguson said.

"When I fought Danny Castillo, he did the same kind of thing. It’s interesting how Khabib fights but to me it’s just boring. It’s lazy."

'Ferguson talks too much. I want to break his face!'

Khabib is famous for his laconic, menacing putdowns and chilling indifference to making violent threats, and none come more famous and frightening than his promise to "break his face" in response to the California native's penchant for talking.

Back in December 2016, the fighter spoke to RT Sport about Ferguson and uttered the now famous phrase when quizzed on the prospect of fighting Ferguson at UFC 209.

"I think it's tough fight. I think he's tough fighter too. Good fighter. Little bit talk too much, that's why I wanna break his face. I like this fight," the Dagestan Eagle nonchalantly said, sending shivers down the spine of all in earshot.

Back then, Khabib talked about the attractiveness of having two fighters with a respective eight and nine-fight winning streak in the UFC facing each other. With those records having since been extended to 12 each, the intrigue has certainly been amped up.

'It's biggest fight of my career. All I think about is Tony'

It hasn't been all bad blood between the two during their trash talking, there has been moments of mutual respect and understanding of the value of the other in their respective careers.

When the two were finally scheduled to fight each other in March 2017 for the interim lightweight title, it seemed that the two would finally meet each other.

During a Q&A in Brooklyn in February, RT Sport cameras were on hand for Khabib to share his opinion on Ferguson and his shot at glory.

"This is biggest fight in my career. I think the biggest fight in UFC lightweight history. I fight for the title finally. This is my dream becoming UFC undefeated champion," Khabib said.

"Of course I don't like [Ferguson], because he talk too much, but for me it's like just another fight. This is top level fight. I have tough fight March 4 and I only think about Tony Ferguson."

That fight was scrapped when Khabib was hospitalized during a botched weight cut, believed to have suffered liver damage while sweating out the last few pounds in a sauna to reach the 155lbs limit. Two and a half years later and that fight is looking as close to fruition as it has since at the fifth time of asking.

'Tiramisu needs an ass-whooping!'

Khabib's weight cuts and struggles to make the required 155lbs lightweight limit have almost become as famous as his fights and one-liners. Subsequently, the Russian's love of Italian dessert tiramisu has stuck and become the simplest way to poke fun at Khabib's pre-fight thickness.

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Ferguson did exactly that when he defeated Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone at UFC 238, and turned his attentions to the rest of the lightweight division with a food theme.

"Tiramisu (Khabib) needs an ass-whooping, he needs two to the stomach from me. If it's McNuggets (Conor McGregor), the 'money fight' or whatever, he's an athlete too," the Californian said.

"I know the division misses him inside here. I'm pretty sure he misses the fight game too." 

Ferguson is certainly hungry for the fight with Khabib, and him getting a fifth fight at the cherry against the current lightweight champ would certainly be the icing on the cake of one of the most respected careers in professional MMA.

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