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2 Sep, 2019 15:41

Sucker punch: Radical feminists KO ring girls, replace with MEN to 'reduce violence against women'

Sucker punch: Radical feminists KO ring girls, replace with MEN to 'reduce violence against women'

In the latest blow delivered by radical feminists, ring girls have been knocked out of boxing and replaced by male ‘fight progress managers’ after lobbying from female advocate groups and councillors in Australia.

In a move seemingly blind to its sheer irony, narcissistic new wave feminists and local councillors in the city of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia, have lobbied to put more women out of work to be replaced by…men.

Promoters of the 'Battle of Bendigo' fight between Jeff Horn and Michael Zefara at Bendigo Stadium bowed under heavy pressure from councillors Yvonne Wrigglesworth and Jennifer Alden that ring girls served to “objectify” the female sex.


As a result, as if the women were just objects that could be replaced, the three girls employed to carry a card in between rounds to signal the upcoming round number, were put out of work and instead three men were employed to work the event.

Completely ignoring the hypocrisy of denying women jobs in sport in an attempt to tackle 'the patriarchy’, PC-mad cllr Alden told the Bendigo advertiser: “Being respectful of women is key to eliminating other forms of violence, especially violence towards women and children.”

Alden said there were no complaints about male fight promoters, without paying any attention to the fact it was only herself, a fellow female councillor, and women's groups making complaints about ring card girls in the first place. 

Fight promoter Dean Lonegran conceded ground, and announced: “To further minimise protests the term ‘ring girl’ will not be used. These roles will now be known as ‘fight progress managers’.

"I am disappointed, but I am also responsive. I will replace the three women who were employed to signal the start of each round with men,” Lonegran added.

The three girls originally scheduled to work the fight were nonetheless paid, but in the form of a mini-protest were photographed with a cross through ring cards for rounds one, two and three alongside the men replacing them.

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By Danny Armstrong