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Did a Champions League steward ALLOW Saturday's X-rated pitch invasion? (VIDEO)

Did a Champions League steward ALLOW Saturday's X-rated pitch invasion? (VIDEO)
It's safe to say that one steward in particular won't be a contender for the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium employee of the month award any time soon as he let scantily-clad pitch invader Kinsey Wolanski slip through on Saturday.

Wolanski's publicity stunt saw her Instagram following swell well past 2.5 million followers in the hours after Liverpool's 2-0 Champions League final victory against Tottenham Hotspur - despite her account appearing to have been removed from the platform later on Sunday.

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It may have all been for nought had one steward been just a little bit more attentive. 

The model emerged from a section of Liverpool supporters directly behind Alisson's goal and sprinted past the steward in question, over the advertising hoarding and onto the pitch, but to do so she had to move directly past his position. 

Security staff, including the steward, quickly followed Wolanski on to the pitch where she was eventually apprehended near the halfway line but the damage was done and an internet viral phenomenon had been born. 

As for the steward, perhaps he was led to believe that any near-topless pitch invasion from English football supporters would be significantly more beer-bellied and tattooed, but we are fairly confident that he won't make the same mistake again.

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