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30 May, 2019 20:46

Ex-UFC Bisping makes hasty exit after jokingly hitting combo on giant Kazakhstani stuntman (VIDEO)

Ex-UFC Bisping makes hasty exit after jokingly hitting combo on giant Kazakhstani stuntman (VIDEO)

UFC Hall-of-Famer Michael Bisping was forced to make a quick retreat after pranking Kazakhstani stuntman Erden Telemisov while filming a television role in South Africa, in a video captured on Instagram.

As a host of extras looked on, Bisping (clearly with his co-star's permission) unloaded a multiple punch combo on Telemisov's belly – to which the huge stuntman mimed a yawn.

Bisping, very much playing to the cameras, noticed this before uttering an expletive and running for the exit to, the laughter of all involved.

Here's a slow motion version of the clip

Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram

Slow Mo. @erden_telemisov

Публикация от Mikebisping (@mikebisping)

Both Bisping and Telemisov are in South Africa to film episodes of the TV show 'Warriors,' which tells the story of the Tong Wars in the late 1800's. 

Telemisov's 6ft 4in frame cuts an imposing figure as he towers over the former UFC middleweight champion in the clip. The 44-year-old stuntman is a well-known figure in his native Kazakhstan and has appeared in several productions including 'Marco Polo', 'Odno zveno' and 'Amanat'.

Bisping, meanwhile, has been in Cape Town for several weeks in preparation for the role. Recently, he told a story of a late-night incident which occurred near his hotel, in which he was accosted and nearly robbed by several persons, an incident in which, Bisping said, he was afraid for his life. 

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