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24 May, 2019 13:23

'F*cking beautiful!' Flying knee KO by Russian fighter sets PFL record for fastest finish (VIDEO)

'F*cking beautiful!' Flying knee KO by Russian fighter sets PFL record for fastest finish (VIDEO)

A stunning 10-second KO by Movlid Khaybulaev from Russia's Republic of Dagestan has set the record for the fastest finish in the Professional Fighting League (PLF), while the fighter himself improved his MMA record to 13-0.

The 28-year-old featherweight, who was making his PFL debut on Thursday, not only made a big statement in the league with his record-breaking performance, but also made a strong case for knockout of the year.

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As his opponent Damon Jackson of the US was cutting the distance at the very beginning of the bout, the Dagestani found the perfect moment to throw a flying knee, landing it right on Jackson's chin as he left it open making a left-hand jab.

It doesn't get cleaner than that, does it?

Khaybulaev also showed a touch of class as he made sure that the referee was stepping in to stop the fight, deciding not to land any more strikes on his grounded opponent. 

The video of the fight quickly went viral among the MMA community, with fans and pundits praising Khaybulaev - nicknamed 'Killer' - for his outstanding performance and display of class.

Some fans also noted that MMA fighters from Dagestan don't carry the moniker 'Killer' for nothing. 

Khaybulaev wasn’t the only fighter on the card representing the Russian region made famous by UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Four other fighters from Dagestan – Akhmed Aliev, Gadzhi Rabadanov, Islam Mamedov and UFC veteran Rashid Magomedov – all gained victories in their respective bouts, with Aliev, known as ‘Butcher,’ also finishing his first PFL fight in the first round (TKO, punches).