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31 May, 2019 13:20

Wild ‘catwoman’ striptease celebrations see Spanish football team get dressing-down (VIDEO)

Wild ‘catwoman’ striptease celebrations see Spanish football team get dressing-down (VIDEO)

Spanish football club Esportiu Llanca has apologized for a wild dressing-room party with a leather-clad stripper who was hired to celebrate the team’s promotion to the Catalan second division.

The Esportiu Llanca players were filmed celebrating their 5-0 win over Atletic Bisbalenc with an adult entertainer who was invited to the team’s dressing room following the game.

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The woman, who was wearing a black leather “catwoman” costume, danced seductively in front of the jubilant footballers while slowly taking off her film-inspired costume.

The hot blonde climbed onto a chair where she stripped down to her underwear to the roaring approval from the players.

The stripper then moved to the floor where she rolled forward before pouring champagne on her body, taking the bottle from one of the players sitting next to her.

But the video, which rapidly spread across the internet, caused an uproar from social media followers who accused the players of vulgar behavior.

Later it was reported that the striptease dancer had been invited by the club's secretary, Francisco Romero, as a gift to the players who had earned promotion to a higher division.

The club has now apologized for any offense caused, writing in a statement: “CE Llanca would like to apologize if anybody felt offended by the incidents which took place in the changing rooms.”

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It added that the club was not involved in hiring the dancer.