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1 Apr, 2019 17:39

'That's not true. This woman is not my type': Boxer Pulev denies grabbing reporter's buttocks

'That's not true. This woman is not my type': Boxer Pulev denies grabbing reporter's buttocks

Controversial Bulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev has denied accusations that he grabbed a female reporter by the buttocks after his recent win, claiming that the woman in question is "not his type".

Former world title challenger Pulev seemed to forcibly kiss boxing reporter Jennifer Ravalo - also known as Jenny SuShe - on the mouth by grabbing her face with both hands during a post-fight interview.

Ravalo later stated that the kiss was forced upon her without her consent, and went on to accuse the boxer of manhandling her after the cameras stopped rolling.

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"He grabbed both of my buttocks and squeezed with both of his hands. Then he walked away without saying anything to me, and laughed," she said.

"I did not encourage or consent to Mr. Pulev grabbing my face, kissing me, or grabbing my backside. I was there at the event covering the boxing match as a professional member of the press. Kissing a woman on her lips without her consent and grabbing her is not acceptable."

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Pulev countered by denying the accusation, telling German newspaper BILD: "I'm not at fault and during the course of my career I've already had tens of thousands of interviews. Everyone knows me as a friendly and polite person," he said.

"The woman came to me during the weigh-in and said, 'after the fight we'll party.' That's not true [that I grabbed her buttocks]. And by the way: This woman is not my type. I'm not afraid, I also have videos if necessary.

"After the fight, she then came to our hotel lobby for a party. She was happy, laughed and made a lot of compliments. Tell me that I'm the best, the most handsome."

Pulev's team has released video footage of Ravalo partying with Pulev and his team after the bout - and after the alleged incidents - as evidence that she was not "humiliated" as she stated at a press conference earlier this week.

Pulev's account was backed up by his trainer Ulli Wegner, who said: "I was right next to it. It was after the fight. Kubrat was interviewed by a pretty, very friendly young woman. Yes, and then he gave her a kiss. That was out of the emotion. The claim that Pulev had caught her buttocks is not true."

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