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30 Mar, 2019 15:16

Pulev team release video claiming to show Jenny Sushe partying with boxer AFTER controversial kiss

Pulev team release video claiming to show Jenny Sushe partying with boxer AFTER controversial kiss

Kubrat Pulev's team have released a video claiming to show reporter Jenny Sushe partying with the boxer's entourage after she was "forcefully kissed" and allegedly "groped on the buttocks" by the heavyweight contender.

Sushe, real name Jennifer Ravalo, is pursuing legal action against Pulev after he kissed her on the mouth mid-interview following his victory over Bogdan Dinu last weekend.

She claimed that the boxer also groped her while off camera following the interview's conclusion.

At a press conference, Sushe - who was working as a backstage reporter at the event - claimed she was "humiliated" by the incident, and branded it "disgusting."

Also on rt.com 'I felt humiliated': Reporter speaks out after being kissed & 'groped' by boxer Kubrat Pulev

But in response to Sushe's comments, Pulev's team have released a video that purportedly shows her in good spirits during a post-fight party, sitting on the lap of one of Pulev's team.

The caption accompanying the video reads: "3:00 AM, few hours after the famous kiss, Jenny Sushi in the context of a sexually abused woman!"

Meanwhile, Pulev's popstar girlfriend Andrea has taken to social media to pledge her support to her man and to take a dig at Sushe, whose main job is as a naked sushi artist.

She posted a photo to Instagram showing her in the ring kissing Pulev after one of his fights.

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Публикация от Andrea (@andreabulgaria)

And she posted a message to Twitter to comment on the situation, saying: "There are days when I really want to have a magic wand and turn back time and pick a moment in history I want to live in.

"Over the last fewdays I have been thinking of the last century, when the birth of the sexual revolution made Marilyn Monroe and Madonnaicons, when the kiss was an act of love, friendship and passion and not a 'sexual assault.'

"In a piece in Vegas SportsDaily I find Jenny Sushe as a victim, that she is hurt and shocked. How can someone upload a video and plead how hurt they are by it?

"Tome it is more of a joke, a rather comical situation.

"When it comes to the sushi... We all love it, but only when the fish is fresh and the rice not overcooked."

The California State Athletic Commission has called on Pulev to appear before them to explain his actions and clarify his future behavior.

"We take this incident seriously," said CSAC Deputy Director of Communications Veronica Harms.

"Before he will be licensed to fight in California again, boxer Kubrat Pulev must appear in front of the commission and demonstrate that he will conform to this principle of respect."

The next hearing of the Commission is set to take place on May 14, and Ravalo herself is expected to be present.