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24 Mar, 2019 10:14

When showboating goes wrong - Boxer KOs opponent with seconds left after being taunted (VIDEO)

When showboating goes wrong - Boxer KOs opponent with seconds left after being taunted (VIDEO)

British boxer Sam Maxwell was being beaten up and taunted by showboating opponent Sabri Sederi when he pulled out a stunningly satisfying punch to knock the Frenchman out with just 14 seconds remaining and restore a little karma.

Heading into the 10th and final round of their fight for the WBO European super lightweight title at Leicester Arena, home fighter Maxwell was cutting a shopworn figure in the ring, wearing bruises and black eyes from being dropped twice early and then handily outclassed over the course of the fight.

Believing victory was imminent, Sederi began to drop his hands, dance around and even blow a kiss to the exhausted Maxwell to close out the final moments, tormenting the gassed Liverpool fighter.

Just as Sederi was in a rhythm of showboating, Maxwell, who had respectably held his guard and boxed professionally throughout, detonated a right to the chin that sent Seder's body flopping to the canvas. 

After landing heavily, a disorientated Sederi struggled to his feet, but when he tumbled into the ropes, referee Steve Gray rightly waved the contest off with just 14 seconds remaining.

As well as snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Maxwell also took Sederi's unbeaten record and sent social media into raptures for teaching a valuable lesson to a cocky opponent. 

Maxwell's own response was to tweet the clip with the caption "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?" referencing the famous quote from the film Gladiator, and the hashtag "chat sh*t get Sammed".

Fortunately, Sederi was ok and will live to fight another day. Next time however, he may think about taking heed of the old boxing adage "hit and not get hit", rather than focussing on just on the first part. Maxwell kept his unbeaten record and moved to 11 wins with six knockouts as well as capturing the WBO European title and, most importantly, restoring a little karma to the world.

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