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22 Mar, 2019 17:26

'I didn’t know I could knock him out with a slap!' Russian slapping champ on viral victory (VIDEO)

'I didn’t know I could knock him out with a slap!' Russian slapping champ on viral victory (VIDEO)

Russian viral sensation Vasiliy Kamotskiy recently wowed the world by winning an utterly bizarre new sport in literally stunning fashion - knocking out opponents in the Male Slapping Championships in Siberia.

A video of the giant, 370 lbs, bearded Russian nicknamed 'Dumpling' slapping opponents into a daze, including knocking two poor opponents unconscious, went viral across social media, reaching news outlets across the United States and Europe.

Clips of Vasiliy’s exploits subsequently gave the world an invaluable insight into the weird and wonderful championship held as part of the annual exhibition of brute force.

But just how do you reach the pinnacle of the slapping world? Days and days of grueling training sessions fine-tuning the back-swing and connection? Priming your body to withstand the force of a grown man striking your defenseless face?

Perhaps studying angles of the trajectory of a perfect open-palm slap to land perfectly against a cheek to obliterate your opponent and achieve untold riches, fame and glory? Or does simply spending your free time sweating it out with friends in the sauna, eating tonnes of barbecued meat and drinking gallons of beer make the perfect recipe for a champion?

RT Sport caught up with the man they call the ‘Siberian Slapping Machine’. It turns out Vasiliy is a local football fan and weightlifter who turned up to watch a show with friends, and ended his night by winning the coveted male slapping championships. 

Vasiliy, just exactly how did it come about that you took part in the Male Slapping Championships?

It all happened by chance. I just came to watch the Power Show, and it turned out that I ended up taking part. My friends put me up to it, so to speak.

Tell us about your training regimen for the championships. Do you have some special training or diet?

I did absolutely no training before the tournament. I’ve been going to the gym for about a year now. There wasn’t any. On the subject of food, I don’t follow any special diet. When I go to the gym, I try to adhere to a good diet, but when I don’t, I eat everything in sight.

For winning the championships, you received 30,000 rubles in prize money. Was it worth it for the trouble?

I got 15,000 rubles actually. Thirty thousand was the overall funds and 15,000 was the prize money for the winner. I don’t really think about any money. I just went to try my luck and take part in the competition. The money was just a bonus!

Many say you should enter WWE or UFC with such a devastating slap. Have you ever thought about making the transition?

I’ve never really even considered going into UFC. I don’t think it’s my thing. They hit hard and I would die I think! WWE is like a show, a stage, it’s not real.


UFC fighter Nate Diaz became famous for his own ‘Stockton Slap’. Who has the best slap from you two? If you had a slap match who would win?

It probably depends on who has the first slap. If I went first then my weight would probably make a difference. But Nate Diaz is a serious fighter.

Who would you want to slap the most from the world of sports?

I wouldn't want to slap anybody. Why would I want to do that?

A lot of people said that the championships would be a good alternative to sorting out political debates and elections, what do you think?

[Laughs] I don’t know anything about political debate and elections. I don’t know how interesting it would be. I rarely get involved in politics myself.


What did it mean for you to win the male slapping championship?

It doesn’t mean anything for me. A win is a win. If people want to take part in a competition, then of course they want to win it - and that’s exactly what I did.

Is there any kind of technique to ‘the perfect slap’?

No there’s no kind of special technique. It’s actually the first time I have taken part in a slapping competition. There’s certain rules of how to hit properly and how not to hit. That’s all. I used to go training. I went a couple of times, but I stopped going. But I plan to start again. Now is probably the ideal time to start again because I have a break at work. I will start again soon.

What would you do if a UFC fighter or wrestler challenged you to a slapping match?

I don’t even know. I’d think about it at first. I wouldn’t want to call anyone out, but it would be interesting to have a match.


You knocked out some of your opponents in the tournament. Is that what you intended to do with the slaps?

I knocked out two guys. I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t know you could knock out someone with a slap. I have a beard. Maybe it helped me a little bit [in defending slaps] in that it made the slaps softer.

Do you follow any other sports in your spare time?

You could say I follow all sports. I watch football, ice hockey, basketball, MMA, all sports. I support Spartak Moscow football club. About the Olympics - people are just joking, that’s all. In my spare time I work. I watch all the Spartak matches broadcast on TV. I play FIFA on the playstation.

I also love the banya, I’m always sweating it out in the banya. And I love cooking meat like shashlik and steak.


Do people on the streets of Krasnoyarsk recognize you now given your newfound fame?

I live in Ilansky, not even Krasnoyarsk. It’s a small town and before the championship people knew me well enough. But now it’s all anyone will talk about. There’s a buzz in the city going around at the moment about the ‘guy who won the slapping championships’.

What’s an average day for you?

I live a normal life. I get up, have breakfast, go to work, come back home. In the evenings I watch football. On the weekends I go to the banya with friends.

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By Danny Armstrong