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11 Dec, 2018 21:24

'Wet lettuce!' Napoli fan goes viral for CRYING at HT despite team needing 1 goal to qualify (VIDEO)

'Wet lettuce!' Napoli fan goes viral for CRYING at HT despite team needing 1 goal to qualify (VIDEO)

A Napoli fan has gone viral after he was filmed sobbing in the stands of Anfield as his side trailed 1-0 to home side Liverpool - despite his side needing just one goal to qualify and 50 minutes with which to score.

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Both sides entered the match needing a win to secure qualification to the knockout stages of Europe's premier competition from Group C, but a score draw would have suited Napoli enough to advance.

Which makes the tearful reactions of one Napoli fan on Tuesday at Anfield all the more puzzling, as he was filmed bursting into tears on 40 minutes despite his side needing only to cancel out Mo Salah's 34th minute strike to go through.

The Twitterati were largely apoplectic, struggling to understand exactly why only needing one more goal –which represented more than a glimmer of hope given Napoli have already beaten Liverpool this season– would move a grown man to tears.

Some social media users said they believed Napoli deserved to lose after such a display from one of their emotional fans, others resorted to calling the fan a "wet lettuce", whereas others commended the show of passion, treating it as a sign of how much the game meant to the young man.