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Low blow? Ex-heavyweight champ Fury reveals ban from wikipedia for turbo-editing Klitschko bio page

Low blow? Ex-heavyweight champ Fury reveals ban from wikipedia for turbo-editing Klitschko bio page
Former world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has revealed he was banned from Wikipedia for too often changing the bio page of one-time foe Wladimir Klitschko, whom he beat to clinch the unified championship in 2015.

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Fury is famed for branding his rivals various exotic nicknames, such as "dosser" for upcoming opponent and WBC champion Deontay Wilder, whom he fights in December, and "big stiff idiot" for domestic rivals such as David Price.


In an interview with BT Sport at his camp in Big Bear, California, Fury admitted to a different dimension of mind games, claiming to have received a ban for changing the bio page of Klitschko, whom he beat via unanimous decision on November 28, 2015, to claim the IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO, The Ring, and lineal heavyweight crowns.

“Yes it is true, until I got banned from Wikipedia," the 6ft 9in Manchester fighter said. "I did it because it I wanted to prove that, because it is a public site, anyone can write whatever they want on there. If you want to go on and edit my profile, you can.”

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Fury didn't divulge as to what he altered on the page, and one can only imagine the modifications he made to the page of the Ukrainian, who ruled the division for nine years until his unanimous decision defeat in Germany three years ago.

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Despite what must have been a burning temptation, Fury claimed not to have touched anything on his own bio, aside from changing the status as a fighter from 'retired' to 'active', which was repeatedly - and ominously - fiddled with.

Fury next faces Deontay Wilder at Staples Center, Los Angeles on December 1 for the former's WBC heavyweight title, in a meeting of two undefeated fighters.

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