Afghanistan war is another Vietnam for US

The new US plan for Afghanistan sparked rallies urging an immediate end to the war instead of sending additional troops. Americans fear the new plan can turn into another Vietnam, says Brian Becker from ANSWER coalition.

By organizing demonstrations, the ANSWER coalition and other organizations “want to make it clear that the people of this country – maybe not the politicians – have decidedly turned against the war in Afghanistan,” Becker told RT.

“They want the war to end now,” he said. “The US spends almost a billion dollars every two days in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. That’s why we are demonstrating.”

“When people voted last year, when they elected President Obama…when they said ‘Goodbye’ to Bush, they thought they were saying ‘Goodbye’ to the Bush era,” he went on. But right now, he said, “the combined US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are even greater than they were at any time during”  the Bush presidency. “People are terribly disappointed.”