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22 Jul, 2020 22:07

‘Wake up woke folk’: Fox's Geraldo doubles down on Ghislaine Maxwell defense, says she ‘should have got bail’

‘Wake up woke folk’: Fox's Geraldo doubles down on Ghislaine Maxwell defense, says she ‘should have got bail’

Geraldo Rivera is refusing to back down from his controversial stance that Ghislaine Maxwell should have received bail and his defense of Donald Trump’s “wish her well” comments, even taking on Hollywood celebrity Ben Stiller.

Trump sent pundits everywhere into a frenzy on Tuesday after he was asked about long-time Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently being held in jail in New York without bond on charges of perjury and conspiring to sexually abuse minors. 

“I wish her well, whatever it is,” the president said, acknowledging he’d met Maxwell multiple times over the years. 

The comment sent social media into a tailspin, but Trump did find one supporter: Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera, who called Trump’s words “brave” and blamed the denial of bail for Maxwell on “woke politics.”

Geraldo’s tweet inspired plenty of critics, with thousands weighing in to remind the television host of the crimes Maxwell is accused of committing during her relationship with Epstein. The British socialite has been accused of being part of his pedophilic sex ring.

Among Geraldo’s critics was none other than ‘Meet the Parents’ star Ben Stiller. “Oh, Geraldo. For reals?” the actor tweeted. 

“For reals or he is on a list she had,” fellow actor Henry Winkler added, kicking off conspiracy theories that Rivera’s comments somehow tied him to Maxwell and her alleged crimes. 

“Guessing Geraldo knew her as well... Why else cover for a known pedophile?” tweeted television producer Andrew Kimmel.

While many public figures who find themselves trending on social media over controversial comments will typically apologize before they get ‘cancelled’ and face professional consequences, Rivera, who was an attorney before turning to journalism, doubled down and labeled his critics “dopes.”

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“Wake up woke folk. Bail is not a finding of guilt or innocence. The only question for judge is whether accused will show up for trial, at which guilt or innocence is adjudged. #GhislaineMaxwell has the right to a trial,” Rivera tweeted. 

He held specific criticism for Stiller, who he has argued with in the past on Twitter, and labeled the comedic actor a “digital stalker” and an “intolerant scold.”

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