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Jeffrey Epstein news

Jeffrey Epstein
Visit RT to get the latest news and breaking updates on Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier and millionaire. The owner of J. Epstein & Co, Epstein became notorious in the news worldwide as a registered sex offender – find more details on the matter on RT. He was involved in numerous media scandals and was finally arrested in July 2019 over charges for child sex trafficking, facing up to 45 yeas in jail – stay with RT to learn how the events unfolded, and to get more updates on the investigation, the upcoming court hearings, etc. Jeffrey Epstein had links to certain celebrities and politicians, including the UK’s Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – don’t miss information on that matter on RT. The millionaire was later found in his jail cell injured and semi-conscious; the causes are still being investigated. Don’t miss experts’ and analysts’ opinions on Jeffrey Epstein on RT, and on sex crimes in the United States in general.