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Child abuse? Outrage as US Army posts VIDEO of baby in helmet singing military song

Child abuse? Outrage as US Army posts VIDEO of baby in helmet singing military song
The US Army has once again misjudged the internet, after apparently thinking it would be cute to post a video of small boy decked out in camouflage singing the military branch’s official anthem. The Twitterati thought otherwise.

In a failed attempt to drum up enthusiasm for the organization’s “birthday” on June 14, the US Army decided to share a clip of a small boy singing ‘The Army Goes Rolling Along,’ the military’s official song, on Twitter.

Wearing an army combat helmet and clad in camouflage face paint, the youngster is heard singing: “Proud of all we have done / Fighting till the battle’s won / And the Army Goes Rolling Along.”

“The best thing you’ll see today,” the US Army suggested in its ill-fated tweet.

The Twitterati were merciless in their replies, with several netizens expressing concern for the child’s wellbeing.

The video’s caption was also heavily criticized and inspired an alternative text, which highlighted the millions of children killed, displaced and traumatized by war.

As usual, Twitter’s snarkiest minds mobilized to mock the army’s celebratory tweet. One curious social media user inquired as to whether the small boy would be “fighting” for the usual natural resources, or perhaps something more baby-specific.

However, there were still a handful of supportive comments – buried under the avalanche of negative reactions – praising the video as “cute.”

This isn’t the first time that the US Army has suffered the wrath of the Twitterati. Last month, the military branch asked Twitter users to share how serving in the army has “impacted” them.

From damaged mental health and suicide, friends lost to war, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), nightmares and life-changing injuries, almost none of the responses were positive.

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