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US army news

American soldiers
Get news and information on the US Army, which is America’s major land warfare force. Find the news and stories on the history and formation of the modern US Army. Its roots trace back to 1775 in the Continental Army, which was formed to the fight American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Then in 1784 it was replaced by the US Army. The US Army is known for being involved in the most significant wars and conflicts in which the world’s great powers are involved. Nowadays the US Army is taking action in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t miss the news and updates on military actions of the US Army, as well as statements by former military leaders on their previous and future actions and cooperation with other states, such as the UK and France. Find the news and stories on the US Army’s defense budget, as well as soldiers recruited by it. Read the news and stories on the unauthorized presence of the US Army in Syria. The US Army led an intervention in Syria, claiming they support the opposition of democratically elected Syrian President Bashar Assad. Visit RT.com to read news on the ongoing war in Syria and the actions of the US Army there. Finally don’t miss opinion pieces written by experts and authors for RT.