‘Almost first gentleman’: ‘South Park’ episode quickly rewritten for shock Clinton defeat (VIDEO)

‘Almost first gentleman’: ‘South Park’ episode quickly rewritten for shock Clinton defeat (VIDEO)
The writers of hit comedy cartoon ‘South Park’ were forced to hastily rewrite their US election episode following the shock victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Along with the majority of MSM, the show’s creators predicted a win for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Wednesday night’s episode was originally titled ‘The Very First Gentleman’ and would focus on what a Hillary win would mean for Bill Clinton.

However, following Trump’s upset victory the episode was rapidly rewritten and renamed ‘Oh Jeez’.

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A candidate called Turd Sandwich plays the Hillary Clinton role. The episode ruthlessly lampoons Turd Sandwich’s victory party with people crying, getting sick and shooting themselves in the head.

In the show, popular character Randy Marsh seems to be trying to muster some enthusiasm for the new political reality in America on the morning after the election results.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am excited. America’s going to be great again. Aren’t you excited, gang?”

Randy’s daughter Shelly replies, “No, I’m not excited. It sucks, Dad! This country’s going to suck for four years.”

Randy responds with the crushing line “Oh, come on, Shelly. We’ve learned that women can be anything — except for president.”

Later in the show the writers take aim at Bill Clinton who makes an appearance at South Park Elementary School to help unite the children after the divisive election. Bill is referred to as “almost the first gentleman in America.”

But despite the crushing nature of his wife’s defeat, the character vows to carry on working as a gentleman and he announces he is launching a gentlemen’s club joint venture with disgraced comedian Bill Cosby.

Comedy Central told Variety that while the episode did require a speedy turnaround, the writers always work on each show up until the day it airs.