US Elections 2016

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  • 02:53 GMT

    The Clinton campaign has apparently trolled Trump in its latest filings with the Federal Election Commission, citing that many of Trump's products are "not made in America."

    Trump has admitted that most of the items in his clothing line are made in low-wage countries like China and Malaysia. The Clinton campaign has already used that admission in an attack ad.

  • 23:39 GMT

    Although she is known for wearing pantsuits all the time, Clinton has gone more formal in her attire for the white-tie Al Smith dinner in New York City on Thursday.

  • 22:31 GMT

    Wikileaks, which Thursday surprised the world by releasing emails between then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and his campaign transition chair John Podesta, has promised more surprises on the horizon. The next ones will affect Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and Interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile.