Trump-Pence's penetrating new logo is for the birds... and the bees

Trump-Pence's penetrating new logo is for the birds... and the bees
Donald Trump's latest marriage is raising some eyebrows for all the wrong reasons: The political union between him and Indiana Governor Mike Pence at the top of the Republican presidential ticket is not nearly as... eye-catching as their new logo.

On Friday, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate tweeted that he had chosen Pence as his vice presidential candidate. The ticket quickly unveiled its new logo, which features a T and a P within a US flag, only the two letters are entwined in a way that could best be described as intimate.

People were quick to notice the suggestive lettering, and the jokes came in fast and hard.

The reaction on social media calls to question how on earth the GOP okayed a logo with such seemingly obvious homoerotic connotations...

... Especially given Pence’s stance on gay rights. The Indiana governor HAS described gay marriage as a “societal collapse” and voted against a number of laws to provide the LGBTQ community with equal rights.

One user pointed that the logo may have been designed for Trump’s first VP pick, his daughter.

Others highlighted its similarity to an Aryan Nations logo.

Not everyone felt the same about the new logo.

Others chose to mock the new hashtag for the Republican duo, #Trumppence, due to its similarity with a song from Mary Poppins.

Some helpfully suggested alternative designs.