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Gov. Ventura to Gov. Pence: ‘Keep religion out of government’ on RT America’s Off the Grid

Gov. Ventura to Gov. Pence: ‘Keep religion out of government’ on RT America’s Off the Grid
In his first episode of ‘Off the Grid’ on RT America, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura takes on the hot topics of the day, including corporate fascism, religious freedom laws, how the government spies on cell phones and medical marijuana.

“Stand up for your rights! It’s time to boycott Indiana? Secret trade deals and government encryption!” That’s how Ventura kicks off his new-to-RT show.

The former professional wrestler, Minnesota governor and Navy SEAL takes a closer look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) calling on Americans to support a constitutional amendment that would say corporations do not have the same rights as people. To Ventura, the TPP ‒ a free-trade agreement being negotiated by businesses instead of politicians and largely in secret ‒ is just one more example of increasing fascism in the United States.

“Today it’s corporations electing people to serve them, the corporations, and this is just a prime example of it,” Ventura says.

Ventura, who served as Minnesota’s executive from 1999 to 2003, provides a governor’s take on the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA) laws states are passing. Specifically, Ventura looks at how Governor Mike Pence (R-Indiana) handled the passage of a RFRA there.

“Keep religion out of government, that’s the bottom line” he tells Pence. “This will be abused because then you’ll be able to deny civil rights on religious grounds.”

Ventura also takes a look at FBI director James Comey’s crusade against digital encryption. He answers the question ‒ posed to him by producer Brigida Santos from the Off the Grid Command Center ‒ of whether it’s more concerning to have a zone of privacy outside the reach of law or that the government wants to watch our every move.

In the show’s ‘We’re #1’ segment, Ventura calls out the United States for its mass incarceration rate.

“Isn’t it ironic that they say we’re the home of the brave, land of the free?” he asks. “How can we use that term when we are number one in the world with people in jail?”

Ventura also interviews a real-life vigilante, Mark Peterson of the Missouri Cannabis Patient Network, on his efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Missouri.

In the show’s final segment ‒ ‘What Would Jesse Ventura Do?’ ‒ the former governor looks at whether there is a link between gun ownership and crime rates.

‘Off the Grid’ airs Fridays at 6pm and 9:30pm ET on RT America, the exclusive worldwide broadcaster for the show. The show will continue to stream online at ora.tv and will be available online on rt.com. Follow Ventura on Twitter or on Facebook.