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13 Dec, 2014 05:18

Evacuations as storm strikes Southern California, mudslides bury homes (VIDEO)

Authorities are still on the lookout for mudslides after a major storm hit draught-suffering Southern California on Friday, causing floods and burying homes. Tens of thousands were left without power and dozens of evacuations were ordered.

The storm moved in from Northern California with five inches of rain falling down, causing random landslides and debris. At least 10 homes were completely wrecked, according to AP.

High waves crash under the Ocean Beach Pier as a winter storm brings rain and high winds to San Diego, California December 12, 2014 (Reuters / Mike Blake)

No power, strong winds, flooding

Up to 50,000 people lost power as the wind speed reached up to 60 mph in some areas and street flooding was reported.

A group of houses are pictured after boulder-strewn rivers of mud swept down hillsides during a winter storm, in Camarillo Springs, California December 12, 2014 (Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)

A mudslide coming from a hillside around 50 miles (80 km) from Los Angeles, in the city of Camarillo, covered up dozens of homes with debris, including silt, sticks, and rocks – some of them as big as a table. Some of the houses were covered up to their rooftops with debris.

TV news crews set up across from a damaged home after a mud slide overtook at least 18 homes during heavy rains in Camarillo Springs, California December 12, 2014 (Reuters / Jonathan Alcorn)

Dozens of evacuations ordered

Local authorities ordered at least 124 mandatory evacuations from the area, according to Ventura County Sheriff's Capt. Don Aguilar. Meanwhile, 40 people were displaced following the storm’s damage and two people taken to hospital.

A parked automobile is surrounded by water as a winter storm brings rain and high winds to San Diego, California December 12, 2014 (Reuters / Mike Blake)

The landslide was so powerful that two large earthmovers used as a barrier were knocked over and one of them was almost completely buried.

Rocks traveling down streets

The suburb of Glendora, located east of Los Angeles, witnessed rocks and bricks flowing down the streets, police Lt. Matt Williams told AP.

Fire rescue teams were involved in saving two people from the Los Angeles River on Friday.

Los Angeles Fire Department personnel stand by next to the Los Angeles river during a rescue operation in Los Angeles, California December 12, 2014 (Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)

Mudslide alert in effect

California has been suffering from a draught, so the rain was welcomed. But as the sudden downpour caused mudslides, authorities called on people to remain vigilant.

Rescuers remain worried about hills affected by wildfires in the past, fearing that the soil, which is no longer supported by roots, could be swept away.

Weather forecasts project that the storm will move east and head towards Nevada and Arizona.

A woman watches waves roll in near a damaged house in Washaway Beach, Washington December 11, 2014 as a Pacific winter storm hits the western United States (Reuters / David Ryder)