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Labour to demand vote on 2nd EU ref, as shadow chancellor claims: ‘We can win it’

Labour to demand vote on 2nd EU ref, as shadow chancellor claims: ‘We can win it’
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell insists a second EU referendum can win the support of MPs in Parliament after Labour announced they are officially backing a new poll to break the ‘Brexit deadlock’.

McDonnell made the bold claim in an interview on ITV’s Peston show, arguing that when May does bring another vote back on her deal, due on or before March 12, then Labour can win on their new EU referendum amendment, because eurosceptic MPs are “shifting” their positions.

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The shadow chancellor insisted: “People [MPs] are worried about their constituencies, they’re worried about jobs, they’re worried about the economy.”

McDonnell went on to argue that “the more we focus” on these concerns, the better the chances his and other opposition parties advocating another EU poll have of convincing parliament to put a Brexit deal back before the British people.

He maintained that Labour would still be pushing for a general election and making the argument for their own version of Brexit, but conceded that “we have got to break this deadlock.”

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Jeremy Corbyn’s democratic socialists ostensibly have their work cut out to convince many of its own MPs in ‘leave’ supporting constituencies to back another poll.

Labour MP for Manchester Central, Lucy Powell, claims around 25 MPs would vote against any second referendum, meaning that without significant support from Tory MPs, it would struggle to pass the Commons.

Labour officially moved to back a referendum on Wednesday night, in adherence with their Brexit policy agreed at a conference in September, after seeing their own plans rejected by 323 to 240 MPs in the House of Commons.

It comes as PM May announced on Monday, that in a scenario where her deal or a no-deal Brexit is rejected by MPs, then her government will propose delaying the UK’s exit from the European Union for a “short” period of time.

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