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1 Dec, 2018 15:11

‘UK will be worse off’: British MP Sam Gyimah becomes 7th minister to resign over May's Brexit deal

‘UK will be worse off’: British MP Sam Gyimah becomes 7th minister to resign over May's Brexit deal

Another MP has resigned over Theresa May's Brexit plan, with Universities Minister Sam Gyimah saying the deal is not in Britain's national interest and gives the EU far too much power.

In a lengthy Facebook post late Friday, Gyimah said the agreement is a “deal in name only,” and that the UK will be “relying on the good faith of the EU to deliver the bespoke deal we have been led to expect.” 

The MP, who voted to remain in the EU in the Brexit referendum, said that supporting the deal will only serve to set Britain up for failure. “Britain will end up worse off, transformed from rule makers into rule takers.”

Gyimah said that no one will be happy with the result of the deal, neither those who voted to stay in the EU, nor those who wanted to leave. He also suggested he could be in support of the controversial idea of a second vote.

“We shouldn't dismiss out of hand the idea of asking the people again what future they want, as we all now have a better understanding of the potential paths before us.”

However, any notion of a second vote has received pushback from many throughout the country, including British MEP William Dartmouth.

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“The so-called second referendum is a plan cooked up by a variety of people who ought to know a great deal better who didn't accept the result of the first referendum in the first place and are trying to reverse it by fair means or foul. And a second referendum is simply foul. Foul. It absolutely stinks,” he told RT earlier this month. 

Gyimah is the seventh minister to resign over Theresa May's Brexit deal, following in the footsteps of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, among others. Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also resigned back in August, after previously referring to May's Brexit deal as “polishing a turd.” 

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