Man jumps from apartment window seconds after killing girlfriend in frenzied knife attack (VIDEO)

Man jumps from apartment window seconds after killing girlfriend in frenzied knife attack (VIDEO)
Police in Manchester have released footage of the moment ‘manic’ knife attacker Michael Marler attempted to escape the scene of a murder by leaping from an upstairs apartment window onto a parked car.

Oldham resident Michael Marler was sentenced to life in prison at Manchester Crown Court on Friday. He will now serve a minimum of 21 years behind bars for the “brutal” killing of Danielle Richardson, who he stabbed multiple times in February 2018 in what investigators described as a manic attack.

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The moment Marler desperately attempted to evade justice has now been released by the Greater Manchester Police, showing how the killer jumped from a second story window. Police say Marler had only seconds earlier stabbed his girlfriend Richardson, “leaving her with no chance of survival”.

Footage of the incident reveals Marler slamming down onto the roof of a dark colored vehicle. The attacker, his hands clearly covered in blood, can then been seen to open the passenger door of the car, before he physically assaulted the 59-year-old female driver.

Marler also damaged another vehicle near the apartment on Swan Street before police managed to apprehend him.

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“The incidents unfolded in a rapid succession as Marler went on a violent rampage but thankfully officers were on the scene in a matter of minutes and while he resisted arrest, police were able to detain him and prevent him from harming anyone else,” a police statement read.

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